Dear Yogi Family,

As I sat down to watch the Channel 7 News at 5pm, I was so excited to see that Donna Karan is launching a new project in NY that will hopefully be implemented through hospitals across the country: to offer yoga as an alternative therapy to cancer treatment.

Beth Israel Medical Center has no begun it's preliminary stages where the patients are offered to meditate and practice breathing techniques before each treatment.

To read more about it, find the story here:

Tell me what you think about it? Hope you enjoy the article!

Evelyn S Suyen

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Hi Evelyn,
Thank you for adding this and , YES! This is a great advancement for cancer thrivers!
Fantastic Steps and Funding ~!~

Thank You for Sharing


Thanks guys! I thought it would be interesting because here, I've noticed many young girls respond well to famous designer role models:O


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