Calling all Colorado gals...

I'm new here to the Yoga Bear site....I live in S.E. Denver and wondering how many other gals are out there in the area. Would love to hear from you and maybe get together for ice cream (I don't drink coffee, but that would be okay too), walk in the park or whatever that would be great.

I am a 3 years survivor of stage 3A ILC breast cancer. Treatment included bilateral Mx (including recon), chemo, rads, ooph and AI's. I am married to my best friend for almost 32 years and have 3 children, 23, 20 and 11. My 23 year old DD is getting married later this month. We have two 4 year old Berners, one of which is currently being Tx at CSU for lymphoma. My 22 year old DS just adopted a 5 year old Malamute/shepherd mix, so we are quite the dog lovers. I am trying to get back to live as I knew if before BC, but that has been a slow and long process. That is one of the reasons I was interested in the Yoga Bear and yoga classes...can't find to find a class in my part of town.... Right now I am working very part-time...well....thats all the details for now...need to save some things for when we can find a time to meet (thinking positively. Karen

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Hi Karen!

Sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you! Thanks for considering Yoga Bear and posting on our website!

I'm the Denver Yoga Bear Chapter Director. I have lived in Denver since February. I teach yoga at the downtown YMCA and am going back to school for holistic nutrition in a couple weeks. You can e-mail me at and we can try to find a studio that fits your needs!

In Health and Inner Strength,
Katherine Coleman
Hi Karen and Katherine,

Good to know there is a Denver Chapter! I just joined Yoga Bear this morning after the studio where I teach signed up to offer classes. I am a two year breast cancer survivor and did the Avon Rocky Mountain walk this year for closure. (

I agree, it would be great to get a group together to meet, share and laugh. Kat, I'll email you to see how we might be able to eVite it together. Y'all can find me at

Be blessed and be a blessing,
My name is Patricia and I just joined Yoga Bear. I live in Broomfield/Westminster area and am a 2x cervical cancer survivor. A year ago I had a total hysterectomy and a year later it returned so i got to go through chemo and radiation. I completed treatment in June and my energy has returned. I actually gained weight, which seem soooo unfair!
I'd love to find a nearby Yoga studio.
Patricia Abdale


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