cryotherapy: cold packs on nails during chemo treament -will it reduce risk of side effect of darkened nails?

Hello- I am going to have my first chemo treament on 6/8. One of the side effects is darkened finger and toenails. Has anyone tried using ice water/cold packs during or after their chemo treaments and has it worked for you? I'd appreciate anyone's feedback. Thank you.

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I did not experience the nails getting dark. I think everyone reacts a little differently. hope you have a nice person nearby to give you what you need. I needed shake up "hot hands" warmers becasue I was always freezing. Hope you are resting by now, and looking up _/l\_
Hi Andra,
It's my understanding that the chemicals, as they leave your body, (dead tissue-nails) may have a chemical darkening.
I have not heard about ice packs. It is temporary. Nails do take about three months to grow out from one nail bed to tip.
You are in my thoughts and prayers. What time tomorrow do you go?
After a bit of research, we found this:

Prevention of Nail Disorders

Chemo-related nail problems are not totally preventable. At some clinics, the nurse may bring you a dish of ice water for your hands. Research suggests that using ice or cryotherapy, such as frozen gloves, may reduce damage to skin and nails. Ice is sometimes used for the hands and mouth during an infusion, because that’s when the drugs are most toxic to your cells.

Self-Care for Nails During Chemotherapy

* Use clear polish to help keep nails strong
* Avoid artificial nails and colored polish, especially dark colors
* Wear gloves when washing dishes and gardening
* Care for nails and cuticles gently
* As Beau's lines grow beyond nail bed, cut them off
* Increase iron in your diet
* Cut back on or avoid caffeine
* Try taking vitamins for hair, skin, and nails
* Wear comfortable shoes that allow adequate room for your toes

Your Nails Will Recover
Even if your nails disappear during chemo, or become lined or discolored, your skin and nail cells will start growing again at a healthy rate when treatment ends. New nail tissue will push the damaged nails out of the way. Fingernails grow three times faster than toenails, so allow more time to see improvements on your toes.

Thank you Jean and C. Rankin for your input re: nail darkening. I am so forunate to have copme across YogaBear and am amazed at how many wonderful and supportive people I've met through this site.
I have packed all my things i need for my 1st chemo tomorrow- including a bracelet I will wear that was blessed by the Dalia Lama and a small clipping of a Yew tree plant -which is Taxol- from the family of plant used for the drug taxotere which I will be getting in my chemo. It helps me to do some positive guided imagery knowing that the drug derives from mother nature's medicinal bounty. Sendng greetings and well wishes to everyone-Andra
I did not have resources to get info so I used clear nail polish and got compliments on the unusual color nail polish. It kept me smiling and took my mind off my experience at the time. It lasted a few months untl the nails grew out.

Be encouraged, this too shall pass. I am entering my 11th year of survivorship.
No one told me of this side effect until it was too late for me. I use the nail product -Nail Tec, it helps to feed your nais and strengthen them. You might ask your local salon for some ideas.
Some also recommend Glutamine and B vitamins for peripheral neuropathy and nail damage. I have no idea how good the research is on these interventions but check with your oncology team. Specific cryotherapy is very common with certain chemo drugs.

Best wishes Andra

I am sending you a belated blessing. I hope that chemo went alright for you and that you are doing well. I just wanted to tell you that I stopped chemo in January and just got my regular-shade fingernails back...the toes are taking longer. Nonetheless, I think you will have similar "success" with recovery of your normal appearance.
No one offered me the "cryo" option when going through treatment. It's amazing what the medical establishment does not share.
My thoughts and prayers are with you for a speedy recovery.

Kelly K.


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