Happy Sunday, Everyone!

Anyone here, besides me, whose in treatment (or finished with it) for endometrial cancer?

My chemo drugs are Taxol and Carbo - - I've had two infusions so far, with no side effects other than fatigue on days 3 & 4.

Anyone else have experience with the cumulative effects of these drugs?

Make your day magnificent -

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Hello Linda and Happy Sunday to you too!

I am currently in treatment for endometrial cancer with the same chemo drugs as you. I had my second infusion on Thursday and am in one of the fatigue days today. I am also losing my hair and have days when I could eat everything in sight.

Have a beautiful day.

Hello, Barbara!

You go, Girl! I will have my third treatment on Oct. 6. Days three and four (which for me are Thursday and Friday) are my fatigue days, and I don't have an appetite for anything but sleep. Saturday and Sunday, meanwhile, I want to empty out the fridge! Sounds like we're on the same schedule for that, eh?

Exactly one week after my first treatment, I ran my hands through my hair and came away with a "beard" on both hands. I immediately called my son (age 30) who has been shaving his own head for several years. He came right over and shaved me. I just didn't want to deal with finding hair all over my pillow, or on my dinner plate!

I actually like being bald, and hardly ever wear a hat. That, of course, will change when winter comes, but for now, I'm wearing my baldness proudly.

If you are looking for hats, scarves, turbans, or a wig, go to http://www.tlcdirect.org - they are a part of the American Cancer Society and have some really cute hats and wigs at very reasonable prices.

Best Wishes to you - - let's keep in touch!


It's good to have someone who understands what I am going through. My family and friends have been great, but you have to go through it to understand.

My third will be October 15, followed by a month of radiation and then 3 more chemo.

My hairdresser is coming over today to shave my head. I don't think I have the courage to go around bald. I admire you for that. I did get a wig and a hat and my friend gave me a "Phillies" cap. I'm not a baseball fan, but they are my home team.

Have a beautiful day - and yes, let's keep in touch.

Good Morning, Barbara!

So we are very close in terms of our length of treatment, etc. - that's good to know.

I will not be having radiation (at least, not at this point). They intend to do four chemo treatments, then a CAT scan to see what, if anything is going on. If the scan is good, they will do 2 more treatments. If the scan is not good, well, who knows?

Baldness takes some getting used to - and I do wear a hat if I'm not feeling strong enough inside (or it's cold outside!). That first glance in the mirror after you are shaved will shock you - don't hold back if you want to cry. It's like a rite of passage.

What gave me strength was in knowing that my hair was falling out was a sign that the chemo is working. I'm sure they explained all that "fast growing cell" stuff to you before you started. So I made it a celebration instead of a sad thing.

That said, sometimes I have to remind myself.

The temps here in metro Detroit are supposed to go down into the 40's tonight - I just might have to wear a sleep cap!

If you're up to it, post a photo of yourself in your Phillie's cap!

Have a happy Monday...

I'll try with the photo.

I'm finding out that people respond to you in many different ways. I sing in a Polish Female Chorus and all of the members have been so supportive.

And yet, someone that I had always considered my best friend since college, feels uncomfortable around me know. Almost like it's contagious. That hurt at first. But now I'm okay with it.

Did you find a difference in how people respond to you?


P.S.. The Phillies are on their way!!!
Hi Barbara!

Yes, I did find that two friends in particular really "stepped away" when they heard the news. It was hurtful to me at first, but I came to understand that it was more about their own issues than it was about me.

I've noticed that when I go to the grocery store, for example, either bald or wearing a hat, people (mostly men) hold doors open for me, smile and nod, much more frequently than ever before. Waitstaff are a bit more indulgent when I say "I would love hash browns, but can't eat them any more - could you please replace them with some raw veggies?"

We're hoping the Tigers will make it through - the playoff game for the Central Division title is tomorrow. I hate to say it, but based on the Tigers' performance in the last week, I think the Twins might take it. ---SIGH --- still, I will watch the game from the chemo room...

Happy Monday!
Hi Barbara!

My name is Peggy and I too have endometrial cancer. I am done with therapy for now, hopefully for good. I did not have chemo, but had radiation therapy internally.
It is very painful. I am much better now, but for about three and a half months all I did was sleep.

People did respond differently to me as well and even though I am on the mend and my prognosis is extremely good ; my nearest friends are nearly like strangers. I think it is fear on their part, fear that it could have been them and also they are distancing so if things don't go well maybe they will not be so hurt as they would be if they were up close.

God be with you and also with Linda.
Thanks for your message, Peggy!

It's so fascinating to me to learn the different treatments given for the same condition... I am not having radiation at all, just chemo... which is not "painful" in the least (except for the support injections in between chemo sessions, to help bone marrow produce more blood cells, but even that is only momentary discomfort).

On one level, I totally understand why people distance themselves - I think some are afraid they will "disturb" you, and others are afraid to face, as you say, that it could be them - - or that they just plain don't know what to say, so it's easier to say nothing.

I've made a strong effort to stay in touch with my friends via email, phone calls, and my blog at Caring Bridge (it's free - start one!). You can read mine at http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/lindaanger

or just go to http://www.caringbridge.org and start one of your own. It has really helped me a lot to be able to write about this experience, and saved me from the fatigue of telling the story over and over again to dozens of people.

Congratulations to you on being done with your treatment and "on the mend" - - hopefully both Barbara and I will be able to say that soon!

Make your day magnificent!
Hello Peggy. I'm sorry I did not respond earlier. I just completed my third chemo on Thursday and today is one of those "do nothing" days.

I have a CT Scan scheduled for Monday and then I start my 28 days of radiation. The hospital where I am going has just installed the latest radiation equipment.

It's funny, people who I just considered friends have been so supportive. I have learned to appreciate people and life in general. It feels like since my surgery in July, I have changed. Every day is a gift from God.

Have a beautiful day.



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