Hi Everybody,

One of my yoga teachers is moving across the country.  I'd like to give her something as a token of my appreciation.  Any suggestions for a gift <$20?

Thank you!

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hi regina!

how nice of you to want to honor your teacher, although gifts are not necessary i offer 2 possible ideas
one is a letter offering your gratitude for what you have learned and how your yoga practice has progressed under the guidance of said teacher...priceless in value!!! :)
or you could purchase your favorite yoga book and inscribe it with a brief message thereby personalizing it...

danae :)
Hi Regina,
Here are some of my favorite little gifts: yoga music cd, eye pillows (homemade), earrings, lavender oil, agree about books!, and....whatever
makes you smile, will warm her heart! Jean
I second the eye pillow vote!
Thanks for the great suggestions everyone! I went with a poetry book inscribed with a personal message.


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