How do you hold on to the peace within and not allow the world to take over your feelings?

How do you hold on to the peace within and not allow the world to take over your feelings?

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Wow, that's a deep question. It's difficult to watch the news and not be moved with feelings of sadness for all the pain and tragedy that exists. However, finding an outlet of service and compassion helps restore "peace", or at least hope for a better world.
Thank you for replying Halle. I think teaching yoga will really be the help I need. It's helping those that struggle with cancer rise spiritually above their physical challenge. Somehow it happened to me when I struggled in my hospital bed. The universe caried my spirit out of the pain into a peaceful place. I didn't know it then. Yoga/meditation takes you there as well. Maybe living here in LA has made me want to give to those that need a light of real hope.
Prayer, meditation, and affirmations. There are days I have to yell, "My cancer is gone!" just to help myself believe it. I try to put positive thoughts through my head before I go to sleep every night - "My body is healing. I did everything possible to send cancer packing. I am safe." Things like that. Our thoughts are so powerful!
Thank you Amy. Positive affirmations are the answer. I hope I can remember each time I get caught up in the madness.
It takes practice, and determination. Please know that we can all identify with your journey on some level, and should all help each other remember those little silver linings and tender mercies that are there if you look for them.
Close your eyes, breathe slowly, say the word "Peace". The very next second may have pain or doubt or fear in it, but you gave yourself space for one moment to acknowledge peace as a force in your life.
Hi, Amy - I just couldn't agree more with you! I continue to explore new ways that I can keep myself "safe", and you're right - our thoughts are so very powerful.
I hold onto the peace within by asking the Divine to show me the diviness within me to be align with the Universe so that the Universe and my intention is a service for the greater good.
Nina Carroll
Tap into the inner-stillness that is there within you - it is always there even though things are changing around you constantly. All is ok in this inner place, no matter what goes on around you. The forms and thoughts get in the way of the 'Is'ness' or 'Being' of what we really are. We need to get out of our own way to feel it, and I know this is not an each task at all, but just knowing it is there and will not go away is what gets me through the rough days.
As Eckart Tolle says " the world is here to frustrate us".... so don't let it!
Namaste and Peace.
I hold on to the peace by being available to help others (neighbors and friends) who have recently been diagnosed with cancer. Others who went through this experience before I did really helped my by sharing their experiences and offering to help any way they could. Yoga helps me to refocus on what is important every day.
I give Cancer Survivors 1 free yoga therapy session.If you know of anyone in South San Diego ,that is South of Downtown San Diego please give them my email address
I will also teach them a simple routine to do at home.
I am a cancer survivor twice ,I did and do find a great relief in yoga.I try to use it every minute of the day.Movement with the full in and out breath.
I am also the Cancer Survivor Commitee member of Relay for Life in Imperial Beach,I am looking for cancer survivors to join me in 1 lap around the field ..Mar Vista High School in IB. And after we will celebrate another birthday w/American Cancer Society)..Join our team "Donate A Prayer" Candelaria Ramirez


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