I am a 6-year survivor of head and neck cancer and suffering the after effects of radiation, i.e., chronic jaw pain from osteoradionecrosis.  I feel that I could benefit from yoga for  balancing and calming.  Pardon my lack of verbal skills.  I also suffer from brain fog from narcotic meds.  Anyhow, I live in the country and the nearest Yoga Bear classes are about a 90 minute drive and therefor impractical to consider.  If there were online classes, I would appreciate knowing how I could connect with them.


Thank you.


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Hi Gloria-- we have dozens of videos for you, you can access them on our home page or by clicking "videos" on the navigation bar. Let us know if you have any other questions or thoughts-- we have a very supportive, helpful community here.

Hi, Gloria,

I'm so happy you reached out. There are some beautiful videos here that would definitely benefit you. I also have some free podcasts on my personal website that might help. There are 2 specifically that come to mind: one is a 20-minute seated yoga class, and the other is a discussion, breathing and meditation podcast pulled from my workshop for those with cancer. You can access both here:


I also highly recommend Kelly McGonigal's book, Yoga for Pain Relief. It's fantastic and I've found it helps all chronic conditions: anxiety, depression, insomnia, etc.

Feel free to check in and let us know how you are. And definitely ask questions!!!

Be well,



You mention that you live out in the country. If you could be more specific as to where you are, perhaps a yoga teacher would be able to come to you. Im sure that yoga will benefit you greatly and meeting with a teacher would be an excellent way to get started.

I wish you all the best,



Hi Gloria,

There's a online site called, "Physiic.com" that actually has a "Yoga for Cancer Survivors"  class, real time, on line- live teacher and students - 

The other program that might be in your area, would be Arthritis Foundation Classes, which may be helpful, though not yoga.


Any studio that has 'restorative yoga' may  have a meditative class which might suite your needs. 

Keep 'putting it out' to all, to the Universe' and you will come to find it!!



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