Looking for a partner studio within the San Francisco Bay Area

Hello Everyone,
I am a Hodgkins Lymphoma survivor and I had signed up and contacted Yoga Bear around October 2009. I received this response this past January 2010 from Cemile Armas:

At the moment we do not have any partner studios in your area, but I am in the process of contacting local studios and will sign you up as soon as we find a studio.

I have tried to reach out to Yoga Bear because I am exceedingly interested in this program, but I've had little success over the past year trying to get in touch (via email and twitter) to follow up on receiving services.

I would love to take a yoga class to aid in insomnia management post-treatment. I'm hoping someone can direct me in finding out if it is possible for me to be a recipient of this wonderful service. I love what Yoga Bear is doing, and I think it is a fantastic way for patients and survivors to find peace and feel healthy!

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Hi Chrissi! I'm so sorry you haven't been matched up yet. We no longer provide physical passes to yoga studios, we got to the point where we had too long of a waiting list, and we didn't have the man power to actually manage the passes, solicit more, and pass them out.

But now we have something even better--- a list of classes that are available. Some are free. Some are nominal fees. Some are geared towards people with cancer, while others are general. All you have to do is call them up and arrange to come. The full list is here. But here's an overview of what's available in the Bay Area:

Piedmont Yoga
3966 Piedmont Avenue Oakland, CA 94611
Description: Join therapeutic yoga instructor Cheryl Fenner Brown for two weekly classes that incorporate gentle postures, mindful breathing, and relaxation to bring balance to the body, mind and emotions. These classes are appropriate for anyone who is living with any type of cancer; whether you have just been diagnosed, are receiving treatments, or are in remission. No prior experience with yoga is required and the classes include gentle restorative asana (yoga poses), mudras (hand gestures) for healing and relaxation, stress-relieving pranayama (breathing). Both classes are offered on a sliding scale to meet the needs of the community and donations are greatly appreciated. The regular class price is $15 for a drop-in, or $50 for a series of four classes. No one will be turned away for lack of funds and please come as you are. Partial funding is provided by the Yoga Dana Foundation.
When: Tuesdays, 1:00-2:15 pm @ 4th Street Yoga; Thursdays, 12:00-1:15 pm @ Piedmont Yoga Studio
Contact: (510) 290-2641 or email Yoga.Cheryl@yahoo.com

Purusha Yoga
Golden Gate Park, San Francisco
Description: Explore moving with the Earth while doing yoga in nature (open to the community)
When: Saturdays at 11 AM, meet at entrance to Botanical Gardens near 9th Ave and Lincoln
Contact: Meet at entrance to Botanical Gardens near 9th Ave and Lincoln http://www.purushayoga.org/ggpark.htm

UCSF: Osher Cancer Center
1701 Divisadero St., Suite 150 at Sutter St. SF, CA
Description: This class is designed specifically for cancer patients and combines gentle movements, postures, slow deep-breathing, meditation and relaxation.
When: Restorative yoga classes the first Monday of every month at 10:45 AM with Mary & 7:30 PM with Samantha. We also have Gentle Basics yoga every Sunday with Samantha at 11 AM. 60 classes each week, all levels.
Contact: Tamara Rhodes, help@totalbodyyoga.com, 847.266.9642.

Also, Breathe in Los Gatos is starting a class series very soon.
Stanford Cancer Support Services provides free classes to cancer patients, survivors and their caretakers. Monday class is restorative, Thursday class is "recovery": gentle, with options to be more physical in the standing sequence. The classes meet at Avalon Art & Yoga in Palo Alto. No pre-registration needed, just come in. Mondays at 1:15pm, Thursdays at 2:00pm.

I teach yoga in the South Bay, so if that is your area, contact me directly. I can discuss it with studio owners, who are almost always willing to offer a mat to someone in cancer treatment or recovery.


Hi, Chrissi:  Graduates of my "Teacher Training: Yoga for Breast Cancer Recovery & Beyond"© have a program "Healing Warrior Yoga" for cancer survivors at LifeStretchYoga Studios in Fremont and Miliptas in the Bay Area. Contact: information@lifestretchyoga.com Phone: 510-796-9642.  The staff attended several types of cancer trainings and are excellent teachers.  I hope they can work with you or guide you to an appropriate class elsewhere.  Camille

Thank you for the information!

Hi Chrissi,


Have you found a spot for practice yet?  If so, how is it working out for you?



Hi Kamala,

I received a response from Cemile Armas a few days ago stating the following:

the share-a-mat program is no longer in effect due to very high demand. What i can do for you is to contact Fit From The Core Studio to see what they can accommodate for Yoga Bear.   Although this is something we no longer provide, because of the miscommunication we have had, i'd like to see what i can do.


Hopefully I'll be matched up with this studio just a few miles away from my house soon...I've been waiting over a year now to enjoy yoga through Yoga Bear. I'm excited!

Cool, I am brand new to Yoga Bear in the Bay Area....and a relatively new teacher....doing my best to spread the word and get involved (especially when I hear ppl have been waiting a year for yoga offerings), it sounds like they are overwhelmed by demand, but it also sounds like you are on track to get into a studio.  Let me know how it is working out for you by next week? Sometimes it just helps to have more ppl sending positive thoughts your way~


Happy Monday!


Thank you so much Kamala! I think its wonderful that you are a teacher, spreading the word and getting involved with Yoga Bear :) We will keep in touch!

Hi Chrissi--


There's also a free yoga class at Cancer Support Community in Mountain View on Wednesdays from 1:15-2:30pm.  Here's the link for the program calendar:  http://cancersupportcommunity.net/images/calendar_silicon_valley_ja...


I've also heard great things about the classes at Avalon sponsored by the Stanford Cancer Center.  Avalon is a great place to practice (I practice there regularly).  I hope you find a place to practice soon!





Thank you so much for the information! I will definitely look into participating in the free yoga class at Cancer Support Community. I appreciate it!


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