I am new here. Hi All! I am looking for a class and live in CT. I know a woman who does yoga, how can I get her involved as a provider. Should I direct her here to check it out?

I have been wanting to do something like this for a long time. I am one year from treatment for colorectal cancer, and desperately needing more strength and balance training.

Would appreciate any feedback.


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Hi Joanne! Welcome to Yogabear from the NYC Chapter! If you would please, request as friends: Michelle and Justine (Michelle is our NYC Chapter Director for NY/NJ/CT, and Justine is our Community Outreach Director for these chapters), and feel free to ask them what are the closest participating yoga studios. They would be the best persons to ask as far as space availability for the classes and if/where is the nearest one in your area. Have you filled out an application under "For Survivors" page?

In the interim, please feel free to browse our site as we have some great videos that you could do at home while you join a class! Furthermore, we have some of the BEST yoga instructors right here that you can ask for advice on what will be the most effective type of yoga for you, including Jean Di Carlo and Kimberly Fowler!

When you say you know a woman who does yoga, does she teach a class or have a studio that might possibly be willing/ able to participate in offering classes?

I hope this helps:)

Hi Evelyn,

Sorry it has taken me so long to respond. Yes the girl I know is Wendy Larsen and is on here. She owns a studio, but am not sure she is looking to participate.

In the last few months I have seen many yoga places opening. I am hoping that you have something closer to me in Farmington, CT just outside of Hartford. The towns I have seen new yoga places are all in Connecticut. West Hartford, Canton, Avon, Farmington, Plainville, and close to me.

Wendy is up in Winsted, with is about a 20 minute ride for me, but if she did participate, I could go there. Just looking to hop on board with this. I am over a year out of treatment, and desperately need to get my body toned.

Is there anything I can do, like stop in to these places and see if they want to participate in the program? I really would like to get involved very soon. So I am hoping now, there are more places closer to me.

Thanks for the original places, but Manchester is like over 30 minute ride, and Stamford, etc are over an hour from me. SO anyplace in the Hartford County Area would be ideal.

Happy Holidays!

We are in Manchester 06042 zip code. We(myself and my husband) have been practicing yoga for more than 15 years from India. This is our passion and we like to serve to people as much as we can. If you are interested and based on how far you are, we can come or you can come down to our place(residential complex not studio) for few yoga sessions. If logistics works out well and you like the sessions we can continue further. If not there is no commitment as we are just trying to serve as much as we can with no expectation.
Hi Joanne,
I'm not sure where you live in CT, but there is a yoga studio in Torrington called Star Soleil (http://soleilhealingandarts.net/center/). Kristina Berano, the owner, has done addiction recovery classes and other recovery-type yoga classes and is really a beautiful soul. She has also filmed a live yoga class that you can view online at YogaVibes.com (http://www.yogavibes.com) and her class is called "Beginner's Moderate Kripalu Flow." I hope this helps.


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