Dear Yoga Friends/Thrivers,
I want to invite you a unique yoga teacher training with Tari Prinster of OM Yoga Studio in NYC.  It is an opportunity for yoga teachers and other health professionals to learn safe and science-based yoga that addresses the special physical and emotional needs of women cancer survivors. I am excited to introduce Tari and to help make this workshop available for the first time in the Bay Area at Yoga Kula in San Francisco, November 19th and 20th.

 YOGAWOMAN, the NEW HIT MOVIE, starring Tari Prinster will be shown  as a fundraiser for future women cancer survivors retreats and classes
Be a good yogi and forward to anyone you think would be interested.  I am attaching workshop information. Be a good yogi and forward to anyone you think would be interested.
A FREE yoga class for women cancer survivors will follow the training on Sunday, Nov. 20. Workshop participants can attend.
And a screening of YOGAWOMAN, as a fundraiser for future women cancer survivors retreats and classes, will be scheduled this weekend as well.  
Thank you so much and please let me know if you have any questions at:

Namaste and Blessings,

Jean Di Carlo-Wagner, E-RYT200, in process RYT500

Freelance Yoga Teacher,Teacher Trainer, Speaker, Cancer Advocate, Blogger for Yoga Bear



Before the training I thought that yoga might benefit cancer patients in much the same way that it benefits everyone else. I know realize that the benefits were must be tailored to this kind of physical duress.  – Stacy A

As a yoga teacher and a survivor, I found the training incredibly thorough, well facilitated, and extremely helpful.  –Jenn R

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such a great opportunity!
I am one of Tari's BC students and can vouch for both her technique and YogaWoman -- great flick.  I hope to attend the survivor's class.  Eleanor (Monterey, CA)

Hi Eleanor...I will see the movie on the 23rd in San Diego...I'm excited about it:)

Glad that you're in the YB community!

I'm all signed up for the training in SF! It's odd that there are so few training for teachers working with cancer here in the Bay Area.

Hi Lorien,

That's wonderful!!
Jnani Chapman is quite well-known in SF and has been teaching over 25 years to cancer patients. She is not a survivor, but she certainly blazed her own trail! 

Tell us how it goes! I'm sure it's going to be fabulous!

Yes, I've contacted Jnani. She only does training in other parts of the country. You'd think with all the work we're doing here there would be more to offer yoga teachers... perhaps that's a clue for me...?


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