I prefer to do yoga at home--- watching videos (the Yoga Bear videos are great, by the way!) and listening to meditation podcasts.  I've found a few tips that work, and I'd like you to share yours!
  • Put the phone off the hook to avoid disruptions
  • Schedule in time regularly, so it becomes part of your daily routine
  • Wear comfy clothing, but not your pajamas. Make getting into your yoga gear part of the routine.
  • Have water available before you begin
  • Let the dog get some exercise before you begin so he/she can take a nap while you practice!
What are your tips for making a home-practice successful?

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I would say that trying to do your practice at the same time everyday really helps a lot. I get up a bit early to fit it in. It really gets me off on the right foot for the day.

And I've used this website: www.yogatoday.com a fair amount. I haven't "subscribed" yet, but I use a lot of their free videos. They are of pretty high quality. But my main practice is an ashtanga practice, so for that I often refer to David Swenson's practice manual, which you can get online. It's a lot of forward bending.
I work for a website where we offer online yoga classes that you can practice in your own home. We have even just filmed a class and some videos specifically for breast cancer survivors, which you can find in the "Recovery Vibe" section (here is the link directly to that class http://www.yogavibes.com/store/recovery-vibe/product/full-class-rec...). I hope you all will visit the site and check out all of the different styles and instructors. We film live classes at real studios around the world so that you can have access to them from the comfort of your own home. Here is a promotion code to get 20% off any class or subscription: "healingvibes2010"

Hi all! I recently filmed a yoga video exclusively for breast cancer survivors in honor of my mother, a 22 year breast cancer survivor who is still battling and was feeling the cumulative effects on her body of rounds of chemo and surgeries. She didn't live in an area with a yoga studio so I wanted her to be able to practice on her own schedule in her home. We did a series of poses and guided meditation with asanas specifically chosen for breast cancer needs and I would love to hear any feedback you have! I am working on uploading the videos in chapters to youtube so we can post them on the Yoga Bear site. It is also available for purchase at yogaforcancer.com and 10% of all videos purchased will be donated to cancer centers and hospitals across the country.
Namaste -
Kate, do let us know when these videos are up!
Hi Regina! Being technologically challenged, I got stuck at the fourth asana, but so far have been able to upload to youtube the chapters of Ujjayi Breath (bad quality, don't know why, but the audio is what's important), Seated Side Bend, Seated Spinal Twist, and Archer. Am working on the rest, but please take a look at what we have so far, along with the intro it's about 1/3 of the video, and will hopefully get the remaining balance up soon. Also did Restorative Yoga in Akumal, Mexico this week, first time doing that yoga, and it was so blissful, it seems to me that any DVD using restorative would be amazing for an at home practice.
Ujjayi Breath
Seated Side Bend
Spinal Twist

Sorry there are only four asanas, but it's a start! Will advise when I have the rest up...
I enjoyed your youtube videos and look forward to seeing more. Would also be interested in learning more about your restorative yoga in Akumal, one of my favorite places. Did you organize a retreat? Will you be offering again? Mas, por favor.
Hi Trish - how fun that you know Akumal! There is a great little studio up over the arch when you drive into town, you go up the stairs and it's on the top floor. I was able to do yoga three times while on vacation, and each class was so special. The last class I went to was almost canceled since no one showed up, so the teacher asked me if I wanted anything special since it was just us - I said I wanted to chill out and unkink my back and neck, so she and I did a semi private restorative, she was amazing and I was floating when I left! They also have a partnership with this new place, Organic Yoga - I wanted to get over there to take a class but ran out of time! It's right off the road but apparently is a pretty amazing setting for some classes.


Also, I was able to put all the chapters of the video up on youtube, here is the link, the quality should be better than they were at first - I hope you enjoy them!

Fabuloso. I know exactly where the arch is and I can almost taste the mango icecream. Thanks for the link. I'll start saving now for my escape to paradise next winter.
I just looked at the rest of your video and they are all smooth and verbage perfecto.
Muchos gracias por su ayuda. (I'm going to need to study espanol alot before next winter.)


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