Volunteer Yoga Instructors needed for Young Adult Cancer Camps in varying locations around US!


Once again, this year First Descents (http://firstdescents.org) is looking for volunteer yoga instructors to help them offer a one hour yoga class at each camp this season.

First Descents is a non-profit organization that is committed to curing young adults of the emotional effects of cancer and empowering them to regain control of their lives by experiencing outdoor adventure therapy through whitewater kayaking, rock climbing, surfing  and other outdoor adventure sports. Each year they host numerous life-changing camps promoting personal empowerment and self healing through a focus on wellness.


This service is *free* to cancer fighters and survivors, but only through the incredible work of selfless volunteers.  If you are interested in sharing your gift of yoga and volunteering for one or more of the camps (schedule and locations still to be filled below), please contact Lisa Nielsen at lisa@zenfitnut.com or (970)903-4369.  Certified yoga teachers only.


2012 Camp Schedule:

  1. Joshua Tree, CA   May 13-18    
  2. Moab, UT    May 28- June 2            
  3. Bryson City, NC  May 13-19
  4. Bryson City, NC  May 21-27 
  5. Bryson City, NC  May 29- June 4
  6. Bryson City, NC  June 6-12
  7. Bryson City, NC  June 14-20
  8. Bryson City, NC  June 22-29
  9. Outer Banks, NC  June 2-7
  10. Outer Banks, NC  June 9-14
  11. Outer Banks, NC  June 16-21
  12. Hood River. OR  June 13-19
  13. Hood River, OR  June 21-27
  14. Hood River, OR  June 29-July 5
  15. Charlemont, MA  July 22-28
  16. Charlemont, MA  July 30-August 5
  17. New Paltz, NY  August 13-18
  18. New Paltz, NY  August 19-24
  19. Jackson Hole, WY  Sept 9-15
  20. Moab, UT  Sept 16-21           

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I know a young survivor that took part in this adventure and LOVED IT! He was so happy to do his white water rafting, he showed us all pictures! He actively participates to get others involved! Great cause!


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