What is Your Greatest Concern When Doing the Yoga Asanas?

Mine is letting my ego takeover when I am doing the pose.  This happens when we want to show the teacher that we can do the pose.  Instead of listening and checking in with our body on how we are feeling in the pose, we try to go beyond our limits and it becomes how we look in the pose.

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My greatest concern is very similar. It's so hard to not be self-critical and want to do the poses perfectly. Especially when the instructor goes around fixing poses.
I think my greatest concern that I'm not present enough in the moment to maximize the experience. Ironically, it's that very concern that takes me out of the here and now. D'oh!!
Mine is remembering to find my edge, some yoginis call it the "goldilocks effect", knowing when a pose isn't too much or too little but just right AND remembering it may be totally different the next time I practice the same asana.
My concern is not to hurt myself. I had or have two cancers, melanoma and breast cancer. For at least a year and a half I was living at half speed due to surgeries and treatments (interlukin two) radiation . Then when I felt well enough to come back to yoga and found yoga bear I am soooo grateful that I try to go every day. MOre like five days a week. I go to restorative classes and level one. but I have to be so careful not to let the mind take me out of the body. When I overdo I really hurt. I hurt a lot. Muscles that haven't been used for so long trying to come back, and scar tissue across my chest. Numbness in armpits and weakness in torso and arms. I love yoga and know I'm healing. I just have to stay with the breath with gentle discipline over and over.


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