There was an interesting question posed on a radio talk show:  what book most influenced your decision to pursue your career?


I started thinking about all the books I've read.  And, yoga is a second career for me, and an evolution of spiritual growth following cancer and another major life challenge.  At 50, I found myself asking the same questions I had asked as a teenager:  what will I do now?


So, it lead to thinking about what are my favorite yoga books?  And what do other yoga teachers read?


If I had to choose one book, I'd say that "Yoga and Common Sense" would top the list as one of my all-time favorite yoga books. Not because it's filled with philosophy and psychology, which I deeply enjoy - but because a "common woman" decided to reinvent her wellness at age 67 with the use of yoga! Now that inspires me!  The book is out-of-print, but still widely available.


What's your number one, just of yoga...for today!  Tomorrow, you can answer with a different book?




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I really can't pick one, but one that is on my top ten is: "Nourishing the Teacher", by Danny Arguetty. I love the organic look to the book and all the pencil sketches inside. It is written much like a blog or collection of personal reflections embellished with philosophy, visualizations and practices to deepen the meaning of each. I haven't found another book quite like it.



Hi Nancy! I went right over to Amazon! Your description piqued my interest...ohhhhhh, I love books! Can't wait for more answers, I see a yoga library just where will it go, no matter....I will give away what doesn't fit, and trust that many more books are coming!!
Im certainly going to get the one you recommended too! This is a great idea. Let me know what you think about "Nourishing"
Jean, who is the author?

Ina Marx....

Isn't this fun!!!

Hi Jean, right now I am rereading Jesus and Buddha, The Parallel Sayings. Editor Marcus Borg, Intro by Jack Kornfield and Co-Editor Ray Riegert. With my mom's recent passing I have a taken a little leave of absence from teaching. My focus has been to immerse myself in my yoga as a student again. Physically redevelop my strength and awareness in asana. Mentally and emotionally with meditation and reading, mainly about Jesus. I recently finished Heaven is for Real by Todd Burpo, which was very soothing for my soul at this time of my life. I feel closer then ever to my mom is spirit. The Parallel Sayings of Jesus and Buddha, takes the most important words of two of the greatest holy beings to ever walk the earth. It's a very reflective book and for me, enhances my clarity at a time where there can be doubt. Jesus is my way, but I have embraced Buddha's teachings and to have their teachings linked in this way, has really helped me maintain a peaceful heart.


I hope all is well with you and again. Thank you for your friendship and support, without ever having met face to face, during a tough time in my life. Your guidance and work here at YogaBear are truly a gift.




Dear Daniela,

I'm sorry to hear about your mom. I understand that need to 'go inside' and renew - good for you for following that call and honoring your grieving.  The loss of our mother's physical bodies is a huge adjustment, but their spirits do live inside our hearts. Many times, a monarch butterfly will appear, as if out of no where, just when I am needing some reassurance that my mother is, indeed, living on and watchful of my comings and goings.  Even the day I took some of her ashes to bury by her best friend, there in New Jersey, a monarch flew overhead, a sign that my mother knew I was a bit nervous about splitting up her ashes!  The butterfly seems to say to me that 'all was well'. In the October desert of Joshua Trees, during  meditation, a monarch flew around the fountain I was contemplating - kissing me with its fluttering wings - before disappearing into the unknown.  And in Hiawaii, on a walk with my daughter and husband, a group of monarchs perched in a tree - and one came overhead and danced in a circle before going back to  her friends.  This past June, while I was visiting my older sisters in LA, a monarch landed on my sister's wooden gated, and sunned itself for a few glorious minutes, while I soaked up the incredible velvety black and orange creator!  How blessed!  How supported in knowing that souls go forth and come to visit from beyond , in many ways, all to show love.  Love never dies.  It is all that is, and all that ever will be!

Shanti, Daniela

Great question, Jean!

I, too, reinvented myself... from mechanical engineer to yoga teacher. Some say it's a big leap, but I really just turned the same problem-solving mind inward and added a lot of creativity.


I still love Total Yoga by Tara Fraser. It was my first yoga book. I didn't know her, but I was drawn first to the beautiful pictures. Now, I still go back to read the rest of it. It was truly a sampler platter containing diet, meditation, philosophy and asana. I recognize her skill in presenting this daunting amount of information in a succinct way. I've bought it 3 times now (given away 2 copies).



Hey, HI Lorien!
Well...that' does seem like a leap to me, but I can see the problem solving piece!


And, thanks for the book recommendation...I am going to have  a lot to read!! I love reading!!


Post some pictures...and post some 'sampler recipes!!...meditations and asana!! Sounds wonderful!!



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