Will you take the yoga challenge? STARTS APRIL 12th!

Thriving Yoga and Yoga Bear are excited to invite you to be part of a
12-day yoga challenge! 

Each day, starting Monday April 12th, we will post a new video and description of a yoga pose.  Watch the video, do the poses, and leave a comment!  Each time you leave a comment, you will be entered to win a free Yoga for Breast Cancer DVD.  The video is for all levels, and modifications are included.

And if you leave a comment for all 12 days, you win a free pass to Yogapalooza 2010!

From the producer of Yoga for Breast Cancer:

Yoga For Breast Cancer DVD was born of a desire to share a fulfilling yoga practice with my mother.  Diagnosed when she was 45, my mother has been actively battling metastasized breast cancer for 23 years.  Not only had rounds of chemo, surgeries, and hormone treatments taken a toll on her physically, but we knew that her relapses had always come immediately on the heels of extended periods of extreme stress.  I wanted to not only help to heal her aches and pains, but also her spirit, so that in times of stress she could turn to a regular yoga practice for strength.

Yoga for Breast Cancer was a mission of love, and helping to create the flow of poses gave me a chance to offer a gift to my mother.  Each pose was selected for its healing and rejuvenating properties for women who were facing the same battle.

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How do a join the challenge?
How do I join the challenge?
We will be posting videos here, so just log on to YogaBear.org starting Monday to check out the daily video! We're glad you'll be joining us.
Thanks so much for this! I'm in!
What a great idea!! An opportunity for us all to join together, no matter where we are in the world :)
I'll do it.
What an amazing idea - I'm soooo in!
I am looking forward to the 12 day challenge! My daughter just completed a 90 Day challenge with a 'Boot Camp'. She is a new person. I know it is only 12 days, but I want to take this challenge and then 'continue' yoga everyday. I take one class a week at the local high school (for the last 9 weeks) and I LOVE it. I am a breast cancer survivor (2 times) and now a Thyroid Cancer survivor. Yoga has 'centered and balanced' me. "See you Monday"!!!
Yay for asana! I'm in.
Counting down for the start of the challenge. Knowing that we are doing this "together" is so exciting. Can hardly wait for Monday!
Where is the video?
I am following the yoga challenge and posting the daily challenge in my blog at http://yogaashram25.blogspot.com together with some info and benefits about the pose.


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