Yoga as Cancer Support

With Lorien Neargarder
An Introductory Workshop Using Yoga Practices as Complementary Cancer Therapy 

Saturday, February 5th, 2011, 1:00 to 4:00 PM

Breathe Yoga Studio 14107 H Winchester Blvd. in Los Gatos, CA

Through lecture, breath work, guided imagery and gentle physical postures, you will learn techniques to manage treatment side effects, cultivate emotional balance, reduce stress and improve overall health – all without interfering with other treatments.

This workshop is appropriate for patients, caretakers, healthcare professionals, yoga teachers, therapists and students in any condition or level of health. No prior yoga experience necessary.

Suggested donation is $40, but no one will be turned away from lack of funds. Please bring a bath towel. or 408-370-YOGA (9642) to register, or contact Lorien for any questions:

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Hi Lorien,

Have you ever thought of video taping your workshops? I would love to see how you run it and it could be a teaching tool for other yoga instructors teaching survivors?

Hi, Lynn,


That's a great idea. I actually have someone lined up for a workshop I'll be giving later this year (his daughter is someone I work with as she has a brain tumor). The issue that he brought up to me is that some people don't want to be recorded. There are people who feel uncomfortable about anyone knowing their condition, and some employers who might exploit that knowledge. :-(


I have the tools to do a podcast, and was thinking that if anyone objected to the video I would just record the voice. I know that's not as helpful to fellow teachers, but it's something.


Thanks for commenting. I love this site as a resource for us all to connect and share!


have a great day,


Understandable, and would feel the same if it were me. good point. I was only thinking of it as a teaching tool for myself and other teachers.



Lorien-- is there a way to tape the class which just shows the instructor? Or ask for volunteers to come to a class which will be filmed? It really would be awesome to get a video of your class up on the site... both for instructors that are looking for inspiration, and survivors looking for online videos!
that would be awesome Lorien if you could somehow work it out with the volunteers, again what a great resource that would be to share with other teachers.

I recorded a portion of my last workshop. It includes a few minutes of discussion, followed by a brief meditation and breathing exercise. You can access it from my page, if you like (I don't know how to upload podcasts here). Let me know if you have any question.




Lorien is there any yoga studio that offers this type of program in the Redmond WA area?


Hi, Annette,

I don't personally know who is teaching in Washington, but if you check the yoga classes page, you can get a list of free or donation-based classes in your area: If those don't work for you, try contact the teachers listed in the classes and see if they know of any other local options. Feel free to ask me any questions and I'll help as much as I can long distance.

Be well,



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