So I am currently reading this really interesting book called "Yoga as Medicine: The Yogic Perscription for Health and Healing" by Timothy McCall. It explains the different types of yoga and explains how different things benefit each individual. It also discusses the benefits of yoga therapy and how either small classes or one on one therapy can be good because it is more individualized.

I am very interested in yoga as therapy for people who would otherwise think that they are not physically fit enough to do yoga. I currently have balance and dizziness issues from my brain tumor, and also am not very flexible because I have had my spine fused due to scoliosis. Therefore, there are some things that I cannot do. However, what I am able to do has helped me feel tremendously better! I really want to be able to help people with yoga who think that there is no way that they could do it. And I had this thought that I could learn how to teach yoga and become a yoga therapist (maybe for people who have limitations), but I am not sure how I would go about this or if this idea is stupid and a waste of my time? Maybe I wouldn't be a good yoga therapist because I do have some health issues? I don't know. What do you all think? Is this just a crazy idea that I have? Any suggestions are completely welcome! Thank you!

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I read that book a little over a year ago. It was an amazing book full of interesting information from a doctor. I didn't read the entire book from cover to cover; just picked out topics that most interested me. I loved it! I don't think your idea to become a yoga instructor is silly or crazy. I think it's a great goal for yourself or anyone who is willing to help others!! I felt the same way after reading it. I have health issues as well. I was recently diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis, and often wonder if I would be able to become a yoga instructor myself.

I say reach for your goals and do what you can. I would look on line or talk to people that you know about taking some classes to become certified. Good Luck!

Great book! Dr. McCall spoke at the Yoga Bear launch event a few years back. This is a photo of him w/ three Yoga Bear volunteers:

It's a wonderful idea to become a yoga teacher. I, too, have medical issues (breast and thyroid cancer) and am a yoga teacher. I did The Yoga Room, Berkeley's,three-year advanced studies program and am very happy I did. Dr. Timothy McCall also takes classes there with it's director, Donald Moyer.
It was a wonderful experience and I now work with other cancer survivors teaching at the Women's Cancer Resource Center in Oakland, CA. I also teach beginning and ongoing yoga classes in other locations. It is really rewarding.

As someone who may have experienced what your students have gone through, it will give you empathy and insight into what they need.
Hi Kristen,
I think your experiences could make you a compassionate and understanding yoga therapist. Find a training program and discuss with them your interest. You can teach poses even without being able to physically do them.
Good luck!

Hi there, I just finished Cheri Clamett & Arturo Peal's Therapeutic Yoga Training here in CT but they are fro Santa Barbara CA. Look into their program. It is gentle on you and your client, and so tenderly taught and given. It was instructive and very good at preparing one to give one on one sessions or classes. Meanwhile take care of yourself! Best, Beth


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