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Homeopathy – how does it work?

In 2009 Boots revealed that they didn’t believe homeopathic medicine could improve your sense of self. However, despite this confession and continual studies which prove that homeopathy produces little health benefits, the NHS still managed to spendover £4 million last year developing homeopathic remedies.

Astonished by the National Health Services and leading Pharmacies ‘no harm’ perception to homeopathy, over three hundred activists are now planning to get involved in a mass… Continue

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What the heck is Rose Hips And how Will it.

That is why everybody is much significantly more content from the summertime, offering us with a lot of extra daylight (49, 50). The first, and many imperative, element to help keep in your mind is energy. Definitely healing your connection to food items will take operate. Should your medical professional (gynecologist) has not confirmed that the issue has got to do with you will not mechanically believe it is actually you. Inexperienced apples assist protect against diarrhoea as well as… Continue

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Will The Ab Toning Belt Perform

The to start with difficulties is that it doesn't handle how to get rid of abdomen excess fat. If you are up to the challenge to get the people 6-pack stomach muscles, then get all set for a exciting and thrilling problem, whose lots of rewards are well worth each little bit of exertion you give. electronic muscle stimulation machines. One particular drawback is you want to buy gel… Continue

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Request For Information Concerning Yoga & Head & Neck Cancer

Hi Paul,

Thank you for contacting me.  Of course I am curious about what you want to express that cannot be posted on the public Yoga Bear board. I struggle to remain positive, but often slip into despair.  The H & N cancer has left me feeding tube dependent, speech disabled and afflicted with neck fibrosis limiting range of motion 24/7. and a torn up mid section. (try and do ab work when you are missing a rectus abdominus muscle, which thankfully was removed in order to…


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3 Elements Of A Restorative Yoga Practice For Breast Cancer

There are 3 basic elements that are needed in a restorative yoga practice in order to receive the therapeutic benefits for breast health and breast cancer recovery. 

By: Diana Ross, E-RYT 500…


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"what we do in yoga is mimicking the moments when our bodies are happiest"

"what we do in yoga is mimicking the moments when our bodies are happiest"


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Yoga is a Treatment for Mind, Body and Spirit

Yoga has stepped into center stage as an integrated complementary therapy for balancing the mind, body and spirit 

It includes postures, breathing exercises, meditations, chanting, a…


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Benefits of a Restorative Yoga Practice For Cancer

Let’s look at the benefits of the practice. Notice I said practice. Just remember “one must practice to master”, so daily practice is key.

  • Practice movements to facilitate renew or restored strength, and flexibility.
  • Builds and develops a supple spine and…

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Yoga for cancer

Vero Beach, Florida 32960

Does anyone know of Yoga and/or TaiChi Classes for cancer patients in the Vero Beach area?  Please contact me

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yoga accessories

Yoga towels - Barefoot Yoga Co. is a leading supplier of quality yoga products, based in Seattle. As practicing yogis, we started Barefoot Yoga after a trip to India in the 1990's.

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Fall Update 2012

My **Yoga for Cancer Recovery Class** at Four Seasons Yoga is going strong!

Time: Tuesdays at 10:30 -- 11:45am.

Address: 7160 Miramar Road #116  San Diego, CA 92121.

Cost: By Donation


In addition, I am now offering **private sessions** from 30 to 60 minutes, available either one-on-one, or you…


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Yoga for Brain Tumors

I will be holding a yoga class at Endicott Park on July 5th at 6pm in Danvers, Massachusetts. A $10 minimum donation will be collected and all proceeds will benefit The REAM Team. The class will be taught by Denver, CO resident Julie, my best friend. It will be a great day to practice yoga, focus positively on brain tumor patients of past and present and raise money for a great cause. Would love it if everyone could take a deep breath for me between the hours of 6 and 7 on July 5th and think…


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Yoga Retreats Have Great Benefits

Everyone, at some point may feel the stress and strain of everyday life, either with work or in personal relationships. Yoga retreats can be perfect opportunity in relieving theses pressures, and providing time off and away to rejuvenate.

Taking an opportunity, like going on a yoga retreat to recharge our emotional and physical batteries may change our entire outlook on life, and how we deal with others. It may be the place that stimulate positive change in our eating habits,…


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The Survivor Post-Glamour Stage

For a minute, I need to be honest and not bouncing around with streamers of cheerfulness and happy-go-lucky commentary.  At this stage of being a cancer survivor (still praising the Lord), I am confronted with some unpleasant truths.…


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Yoga Benefits for Cancer Related Fatigue

Exercise Program

Yoga for breast cancer is a specific exercise practice that targets those that suffer from physical and emotional fatigue from breast cancer recovery.  Diana Ross, E-RYT 500, founder of …


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Yoga Helps Breast Cancer Recovery

Yoga creates harmony of mind and body. It has become center stage in the offerings of complementary therapies for breast cancer recovery. Yoga is now offered in conjunction with other standards of medical care.

Physically yoga can be an extremely important part of recovery wellness.…


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How and Where To Begin A Yoga Practice For Cancer Recovery

How and Where To Begin a Yoga Practice

Where do I start?   What do I need to know to begin a yoga practice? One day at a time is where you start so not to…


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Yoga for Cancer Recovery Class, UTC/Miramar area, 10:30 am Tuesdays

With a new time, I'm reposting the announcement that my Yoga for Cancer Recovery class -- open to anyone in treatment or to survivors, as well as caretakers and friends -- will now be on Tuesdays at 10:30 am. Consider joining me in a lovely intimate yoga studio for this by-donation yoga class. A combination of gentle yoga flow, breathing practices and meditation techniques, including self-healing meditation, is taught each week for an hour and ten minutes.




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Why Yoga Teacher Trainings Rock!

Recently I had to come to the conclusion that I am officially addicted to taking yoga teacher training programs from multiple schools and teachers from around the world. I think it would come to no surprise with anyone on this site or in general that yoga can become quite addicting but not in a bad way. I used to be a marathon runner which got me turned on to it in the first place (ouch my knees). The adrenaline from running was…


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Yoga Rocks Texas! The Texas Yoga Conference is only a week away!

Have you heard about this year's lineup for the Texas Yoga Conference? 

The founders of the third-annual conference have jam-packed the schedule full of national and internationally acclaimed musicians and yoga instructors from all over the country. With several live music performances, by the Desert Dwellers, David…


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