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YogaBear Video for June 6th, 2010

Added by Brian Castellani on July 16, 2010 at 3:22pm — 2 Comments

Yoga Challenge Day 12: Bridge Pose & Closing

Do you know the term "my heart feels heavy."? It's a term we use when we feel sad. The language describes exactly what our physiological response if when we feel sad. It's not just a phrase - it's actually how our heart feels! Now try this imagery - "feed your heart the nourishment it needs". Use your breath to balloon into your heart lightness. Use your stretching to give your heart the space it needs to do its beating, its breathing, its dance of joy at being alive, today and in this moment.… Continue

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Yoga Challenge Day 11: Standing Poses & Triangle Pose

A cancer diagnosis, whether for yourself or a loved one, is a repudiation of feeling safe. The standing pose visual imagery of using our legs to root us into the ground, standing tall in the face of adversity and chaos, is such a simple and beautiful image. It makes the legs feel sturdier, the feet more alive and connected to the earth, and the top of the head reach for the sky. It's all with a few simple words that these feelings are activated, and… Continue

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Yoga Challenge Day 10: Boat Pose

Yogis, we're almost there. Twelve straight days of yoga! What a journey!

Today we're doing Boat Pose, a more challenging posture that creates a sense of vigor and warmth. You will quickly recognize that Boat Pose works your abdomen muscles and so much more. Katie describes this bold posture:

My mother experienced times of great stress when she was struggling to achieve more than her body or spirit could handle. Trying to…

Added by Yoga Bear on April 21, 2010 at 4:00am — 22 Comments

Yoga Challenge Day 9: Sphinx and Low Cobra

Sphinx and Low Cobra are small backbends, but the back isn't the only place to benefit. We chose this pose because it not only releases tension in the lower back, but also stretches and lengthens the spine, opens the heart and chest, and pulls the shoulders down away from the ears. Really turning the elbows in helps to activate the chest muscles - as in prior poses, we want to really open and strengthen this chest area instead of hunching and hiding it. Relaxing back down onto the mat…

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Yoga Challenge Day 5: Abs With Roll

The low belly is a powerful area, both physically and psychologically. Energetically, power and commitment reside in this area. Physically, the muscles in this area keep the digestive area humming along, and the low back strong and relaxed. Tune into the swirling feeling of energy that is stirred up by the end of this pose - feel that delicious movement and excitement the body feels when everything is active and engaged and ready to take on the world. As… Continue

Added by Yoga Bear on April 16, 2010 at 4:35am — 29 Comments

Yoga Challenge Day 4: Seated Archer

Here is a chest opener that helps to combat rounding of the shoulders for a sunken posture. Archer brings the chest up and out and makes space in between our shoulder blades, removing tension from the shoulders and back of the body.

Archer reminds us that yoga is different from almost anything else we do in life. Yoga isn't about achieving ("Look, I clasped my hands!") or failing ("I can barely bring my arms around to my back."). Yoga is about… Continue

Added by Yoga Bear on April 15, 2010 at 4:11am — 29 Comments

Yoga Challenge Day 3: Seated Spinal Twist

The visualization used in this pose is incredibly powerful - imagine wringing out the organs and releasing pockets of stagnant energy. Your insides are like a washcloth, as you wring out toxins and waste, and make room for fresh, light-filled energy and oxygen. Once this pose is complete, you will feel a bit taller, a bit fresher, and a bit more flexible.

Variations of this can be done throughout the day, sitting on a chair or in the car, a gentle twist coupled with deep breathing is… Continue

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Yoga Challenge Day 2: Seated Side Bend

My mother has lived with metastatic breast cancer for 22 years. Over the years, as I have tuned into the ebb and flow of her life and moods, the pattern of relapse always came immediately on the heels of a time of great stress or trauma. Yoga can help us to learn to ride the waves of life with balance and equanimity, using our practice to support ourselves in times of stress, and to celebrate ourselves and our connection… Continue

Added by Yoga Bear on April 13, 2010 at 4:32am — 29 Comments

Yoga Challenge Day 1: Ujjayi Breath

Even just five minutes of Ujjayi Breath a day can be tremendously beneficial as we breath pure and energizing oxygen into our bodies, spreading the air deep into our lungs and selves. Practicing this at any time, in any place, is incredibly easy. Focusing on the quality of your breath brings you into the moment - there is nothing but the in and out of your lungs, breathing in all that is good and healing.

Breathing out and releasing any harmful… Continue

Added by Yoga Bear on April 12, 2010 at 4:03am — 39 Comments

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