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Why Yoga Teacher Trainings Rock!

Recently I had to come to the conclusion that I am officially addicted to taking yoga teacher training programs from multiple schools and teachers from around the world. I think it would come to no surprise with anyone on this site or in general that yoga can become quite addicting but not in a bad way. I used to be a marathon runner which got me turned on to it in the first place (ouch my knees). The adrenaline from running was…


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How A Yoga Teacher Training Can Improve Your Practice

I have been practicing yoga for the past ten years and recently finished a yoga teacher training and I must say that I am so glad I did! Because I have been practicing yoga for so long, I thought that there was really no point in taking a yoga certification program because I am not looking to teach yoga professionally. But did you know there are such things as yoga immersion programs?


I first discovered yoga when I was…


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Yoga austin becoming more important today

Yoga is widely spreading now in the all countries. As we all know yoga was first originated in the India. Yoga is an exercise which increases the growth and development of the body. The people who do the yoga regularly feel bright and active for the whole day. Yoga helps to maintain the expansion and enlargement…


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Yoga & Non-Greed

Aparigraha is the fifth yama and is defined as "greedlessness." How do we embrace and teach greedlessness is our culture of "stuff" and "more more more"-especially around the season of giving? I think this yama comes last in the list for good reason. As we bring non-harming, truth, non-stealing, and moderation into our lives greed begins to melt away. A sense of abundance and trust envelopes our every day and our perspective shifts. We need not fill our lives with all that "stuff"…


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Should We Make Our Pain Go Away?

Should We Make Our Pain Go Away?

By Francesca Vanegas

The Buddha had a one track mind. He suffered greatly and after enlightenment chose to devote the next 50 years to teaching others about the nature of suffering and its antidote. Once he was enlightened he realized that even though we don’t want to suffer, we do the very thing that causes us to suffer.…


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Tari Prinster: Survivor, Advocate, Teacher Trainer, YB Guru

You can read about Tari in many places, on the web, as a presenter for IAYT and Yoga Journal conferences and through her work with… Continue

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Weekly Yoga Letter: Teacher Training, Summer Poses, and the FDA!

Have you ever thought of teaching yoga to people with cancer? Before you pick a yoga teacher training program, you might want to read this discussion on the topic.

Questions you should ask yourself:

• What is your biggest concern about teaching yoga to cancer survivors?

• What do you think cancer survivors would expect from you as a yoga teacher?

• What ideas do you…

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Spiritual Direction: The Red Bump

The Red Bump

Originally published in Spirituality & Health Magazine - 2008 July/Aug
Article Type: Feature…


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The Yoga of Compassion: Hurt Yourself No More

Hurt Yourself No More Copyright © 2010

by Francesca Vanegas…


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Patricia "Trish" Martin: Yoga Crone 70 Years Young

Trish Martin is a 20 year cancer survivor living the principles of the yogic path by following her heart in teaching yoga. Trish says, "What you give, you get". For Trish, teaching senior yoga and cancer survivors is a gift. Her senior class started in chair yoga last year and have progressed to 'graceful and energizing' Sun Salutations! The benefits of starting yoga at any age and the hopefulness of progressing is inspiring to… Continue

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