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Emotional Freedom Techniques with Kris Carr

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is a fascinating form of complementary medicine that combines memory and affirmations with acupuncture points, in order to alleviate a psychological challenge. Listen to Kris Car, of Crazy Sexy Life, talk about using EFT before getting her… Continue

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Overcoming Illness with Love and Positivity

I recently read Dr. Bernie Siegels book “Love, Medicine and Miracles” about how love, caring, and the will to get better can actually cure illness. He relates countless stories from his twenty years of experience as a physician where some patients, due to their positive attitude recovered faster than those who lacked such hope and interest in life. He revolutionizes the relationship between the doctor and patient to bring a far better… Continue

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Catchin' ZZZ'z

We know the importance of sleep, an activity we will spend a third of lives doing. And sleep disturbances during cancer are common. There are some tips to try, including checking up on your sleep habits. But there are also reasons , including medication side-effects, that make getting… Continue

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Side Effects to Treatment

We are living longer and cancer is becoming a chronic illness for many types of cancer patients. So, what about side effects to the treatments? During the initial phases of diagnosis and treatment plan, many of us have surgery followed up with chemotherapy and radiation. My sister was on a hormone suppressing drug for five years that had a range of side effects.

The Health and Wellness section of the Wall Street Journal (September 15, 2009) had and article with several websites. If… Continue

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Rethinking First Impressions

Brian Nelson, a former actor and writer, wrote a piece for the New York Times today that stopped me in my tracks. His article, "When Cancer Changes Your Appearance," documents his long fight with cancer and the many side-effects of treatment. His latest: a very swollen "moon" face. From a cable technician in his home to friends and neighbors, people stare at him, rudely ask if he's… Continue

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The high cost of cancer care

Healthcare is in the news a lot these days, and for cancer patients, this debate hits home particularly hard. Even with good insurance, the cost of cancer care can be overwhelming. A study performed by the Kaiser Family Foundation and the American Cancer Society in 2009 found that cancer patients with employer-based insurance… Continue

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Coping with a Cancer Diagnosis

Coping with a cancer diagnosis demands a lot of decision-making skills. It also requires some organizational ones: like what to bring to treatment? You will be making lots of trips to the doctor's office, hospital or treatment center. Get prepared by bringing a notebook to keep copies of important information. Pens, sticky notes and a good book on tape. Having some portable music can help sooth jangled nerves while waiting.Put all your things in a light-weight washable bag. Don't forget to… Continue

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Getting through treatment one step at a time

Receiving treatment for cancer isn't an event, it's a long hard journey. During six months of weekly chemotherapy for stage III colon cancer, I made a commitment to find joy where I could. I celebrated weekly milestones and the "half-way done" point, and I threw a final party to thank my team of supporters. YogaBear participant Andra Young did something similar when she put a henna design on her bald head during a ceremony she had with close friends. My mentor and friend, Suzanne Lindley,… Continue

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