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Side Effects to Treatment

We are living longer and cancer is becoming a chronic illness for many types of cancer patients. So, what about side effects to the treatments? During the initial phases of diagnosis and treatment plan, many of us have surgery followed up with chemotherapy and radiation. My sister was on a hormone suppressing drug for five years that had a range of side effects.

The Health and Wellness section of the Wall Street Journal (September 15, 2009) had and article with several websites. If… Continue

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Member Spotlight: Maggie Diaz Del Castillo

As a musician, artist, yogi and lover of life, Maggie Diaz Castillo has undergone various stages in her life that many of us can relate to in our own perspectives. In this interview, Maggie takes us through her life experiences detailing her journey of how yoga has made a difference in her life, and how she overcame some of her painful past experiences and turned them into something powerful!

Q: What made you enter the world of yoga twenty years ago?

Basically...… Continue

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Reduce back pain with yoga

Whether you're injured or sit at a desk for many hours each day, back pain is common, painful and frustrating. But a new study performed by West Virginia University and reported in the journal Spine shows that yoga can help relieve chronic back pain and improve mood. Ninety study participants with chronic lower back pain were divided into two groups: half performed 90-minute Iyengar yoga twice… Continue

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New to Yoga

Yesterday, I had the honor of initiating a new member into my class. Joanne is new to yoga and she is also very new to being a cancer patient. Joanne is so new, she doesn't yet have her diagnosis and is still waiting for the insurance to approve her visit to the oncologist. She was told she had cancer, so she came to "Yoga for Cancer Survivors" class to learn how yoga could help her deal with the stress of cancer.

After class, Joanne had that 'yoga glow' and said she felt like she had had… Continue

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Rethinking First Impressions

Brian Nelson, a former actor and writer, wrote a piece for the New York Times today that stopped me in my tracks. His article, "When Cancer Changes Your Appearance," documents his long fight with cancer and the many side-effects of treatment. His latest: a very swollen "moon" face. From a cable technician in his home to friends and neighbors, people stare at him, rudely ask if he's… Continue

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Three Day Retreat for Breast Cancer Survivors in Wild Dunes

Sponsored by The Libby Ross Foundation and Swarovski North America

When: October 25th – October 27th, 2009

Where: Wild Dunes Resort - Isle of Palms, SC

Time: The retreat will begin at 3:00 PM Sunday, October 25th and end at 1:00 PM on Tuesday, October 27th

Join us for this unique healing opportunity that will include gentle and restorative yoga classes taught by specially trained yoga instructors, panel discussions with knowledgeable speakers,… Continue

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Best snacks for after your yoga practice

You walk out after a yoga class feeling that “after bliss.” Here’s how to retain that feeling and be ready for your next practice.

• Hydrate with fresh water.

• Drink juice or a smoothie made of kale, bok choy, parsley, celery mixed with some apple juice, red grapes and frozen mangos or pineapple. Yum! Check out ”Good Morning Greens Smoothie” at… Continue

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"We all have a life threatening illness, it’s call ‘life’!"

One of the best parts of this position is meeting and working with amazing and inspiring individuals. I recently had the pleasure of talking to Antonio Sausys, who is a cancer advocate and yoga instructor in Marin County, California. He teaches a regular class to cancer patients and survivors, and has been touched by cancer in many ways. I wanted to share some of his wisdom with the Yoga Bear community:

How did you get into teaching yoga to the cancer community?

My Dad… Continue

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How to eat healthy without spending a lot

I keep hearing that eating healthy is for the rich. But, eating well allows us to stay healthy and clear minded, saving costs to the doctor and for medications. And it’s not impossible to go healthy on a budget.

Here are a few tips on buying healthy for less:

• Buy what’s in season. Some of the health boosters now in season are blueberries, cherries, broccoli, asparagus, beets and watermelon. Check out… Continue

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Member Spotlight: Kimberly Fowler

In 1982 when biathlon athlete Kimberly Fowler set out to complete the Bud Light Race Series in Farmer’s Branch, Texas, the last thing she expected was an accident. But as Fowler neared the race finish, she was hit by a car that was trying to cut through the course. After a difficult recovery from the accident, during a class at South Texas College of Law, Fowler suffered a seizure that landed her in the hospital once again in 1983. After rounds of tests, her doctor discovered something much… Continue

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"Yoga makes me a better scientist"

Yoga Bear volunteer Nicoleigh Gamble began her yoga studies by accident in 1999. This was shortly after going through an identity crisis, caused by an injury that ended her ballet career. She was transitioning into scientific research, a seemingly 180 degree turn. And through yoga, she developed a deeper understanding of herself, the world, and a belief that yoga brings a peaceful and truthful existence to any individual.

When Nicoleigh teachers, she brings warmth, compassion, and… Continue

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My amazing yoga transformation

When I first was diagnosed with cancer, I felt that once again, the universe was giving me a smack upside the head. Having become a caretaker fror my ill husband, a widow and then a cancer 'survivor' in less than four years (and before I turned 40!) has taken a major toll on my physical and emotional well being. What I didn't realize with my cancer diagnosis that beautiful things would also come my way. Yoga Bear being one of those things.

Back in May of this year, a local yoga… Continue

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YogaPoolza, San Franscico June 2009

Dear Yoga Bears,

Sometimes you wake up and just know you need to do something! I woke up last weekend and said,"I'm going to SF to YogaPoolza". I booked a flight for 8:30, went to get my daughter, Jesse Marie who attends SFSU and we took the train to the studio. What a blast!

It was wonderful to meet Halle and Kelly, who I've talked to over these past months and other volunteers who were busily turning the gorgeous studio into a raffle heaven of donated goods! Jesse Marie and I… Continue

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Black Humming Bee Breath

Roberta did a great job providing detailed instructions for practicing Bhramari Breath.

Benefits: It is the most healing of Pranayama and is used as therapy for most ailments... The practice of Bhramari calms the mind, reduces stress, cerebral tensions, anger, anxiety, insomnia; blood pressure is also lowered.

This Pranayama is very effective in speeding up the healing of body tissues and may be practiced after surgeries. It has a calming effect on entire nervous… Continue

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Yoga and Performance Enhancement in Sports

There are hundreds and thousands of people who swear by the power of yoga. This ancient practice that was initially meant to hasten and help the quest of enlightenment and spirituality later gained popularity the world over for its therapeutic effects and health benefits. While all of us know that yoga allows us to control our emotions and manage our mental health, not many of us associate it as being able to help athletes and other sports performance. Besides helping improve flexibility, yoga… Continue

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A Yoga Pose for Better Posture

Who doesn't want to have great posture? Standing tall makes you look taller and more confident. But unfortunately many of us have lousy posture (probably from sitting in front of a computer all day).

I've been focusing my practice on a few poses that are supposed to counteract the tendency to slouch. My favorite of these poses is "half wheel" or "Setu Bandha Sarvangasana". Not only is this a great heart and chest opener, but it's a… Continue

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Summer Offerings!

Dhatri has recently posted their summer schedule of classes online! Apart from yoga, Pilates, and dance for a variety of audiences, we have three wonderful opportunities for those who have been touched by cancer.

1. A Return to Wholeness:

Yoga for anyone touched by Cancer

with certified yoga instructor, Heidi Bock

“All healing is first a healing of the heart.” ~Carl Townsend

Heidi will guide you deeper in to your healing heart through gentle… Continue

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Sales of Pricey Yoga Mats Soar in Recession - True to Word or Smart Marketing?

(You can check out my original post on my personal blog too)

"The Taj Mahal of Yoga Mats" - Rod Stryker

At a time when I was just considering dropping my yoga classes altogether, the Times comes out with an interesting article about the soaring sales of $100+ Manduka Yoga Mats and the spike in yoga class attendance during the recession. Hmm, I must be the oddball out on this one... perhaps it's time to find something other than yoga… Continue

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$100 Yoga Mats in time of recession?

I wouldn't buy a $100 mat during an economic boom, let alone the current recession.

But Time reports that sales of designer mats, which are in the ballpark of $100, are surging. One leading company, Manduka, has seen sales increase 87% on Amazon in the last 4 months. It's now teaming up with the national Dick's chain to take advantage.

What gives? Yes, the mats are good quality and offer traction and joint support. But a series of other factors are at play. More stressed… Continue

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Global Liver Cancer Symposium, Chicago, May 16th through May 18th 2009

Not long ago, liver cancer was among the most dreaded and hopeless of diagnosis. The first annual, Global Liver Cancer Symposium brought hope and state-of-the-art treatments to the forefront. Physicians, healthcare workers, patients, advocates and caregivers came together to exchange this life-giving information and those thinking about the treatment options got to meet with thrivers who have had some of these amazing procedures. Coordinator, Suzanne Lindley (, a ten… Continue

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