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Raising Your Roof

In class the other day my teacher told us to look up in our warrior pose and not to let the roof interfere with our vision. I thought “wow, what a simple statement that covers it all”. Often times we but up these walls with the belief that we are protecting ourselves. What we don’t realize is that we are actually barricading ourselves in.

Recently I have had many students come to me for advise on numerous topics ranging from should I do a yoga teacher training to did my boyfriend… Continue

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Finally I speak. My yoga blog sabbatical is over! After Tucker, my dog passed away in September my writing came to a halt. I withdrew from the world and I filled my yoga teaching calendar to keep me busy. I thought that teaching a lot would help me focus on other people and get myself out of my own head, but when I spoke in class my words were hollow. I soon became drained and my own practice fell short.

Life at home consisted of reading nutrition and healing books, becoming a vegan… Continue

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Growing Wise

When I sat down to write this blog I first went to check my e-mail. Seeing someone had responded to me through my blogs I was curious as to what I would find. When I opened the letter I was surprised to realize, I knew who it was. Ana my best friend from 8 years ago had found me and wanted to connect.

After finding out it was Ana I stopped reading, I wanted to reach back into my memory bank and revisit our time together before her words would draw me back to the present moment. I saw… Continue

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Not Knowing

As the summer flew by, so is the fall. Trying to soak up the last bit of decent weather in New England I have turned to long walks with my pug, Gwen, down the streets of Cambridge. Just loosing my other pug, Tucker to cancer I wanted to let Gwen know she was not alone and that I too miss Tucker. We find ourselves on the quiet back roads where the sidewalks are brick, the houses are quaint, and the traffic is light. The crunching of the multicolored leaves under my sneakers acts as a buffer to… Continue

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Hard Lessons

I woke this morning with a stabbing pain in my neck. It took me awhile to fully open my eyes since crying myself to sleep left them swollen. I realized the pain was from the corner of the photo album I fell asleep on. Not having been on my yoga mat in a little over a week, today I vowed to return. I willed myself out of bed and placed the album back on the night stand, started the kettle on the stove and opened my laptop to check my mail. I brace myself for the condolences I was about to… Continue

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My Body is My Business

Thinking that our lives are fine the way that they are is a common misconception. When you take the time to step back from your life to get a larger view you may realize you could use some change. But how do we make this transition with grace as we flow from who we are now to who we want to be without disrupting our lives completely I find on my mat is the best place to research this question however there comes a time where you have to carry your yoga mind off the mat in search of this… Continue

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Come to Rest

Sundays I leave open for me to practice and not to teach. It helps me rinse out the previous week and recharge my batteries for the following week. I reserve this day for me to be in my student mind, however today I am subbing two classes and won’t be able to make my own Sunday morning class. I will have to find my practice inside the teacher’s mind.

I look around at the class which is a mixture of beginners, intermediates, and dancers all whom I have never taught before. The trick is how… Continue

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Feeling the Fear

Getting on the plane last week I had no expectations. I have learned that when I am going into a new situation it is best to view it with fresh eyes and an open mind. I started planning this trip at the end of my radiation sessions in November. Searching the web I found a kayaking camp in Colorado. I thought this type of trip would be perfect. I have never been to Colorado and I have never been kayaking. This would be my opportunity to step outside my comfort zone and practice my yoga off the… Continue

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Taking off the Mask

I arrived at radiation early with a little time to spare. I go up to the 9th floor to the healing gardens room for the cancer patients. The room is surprisingly comforting for being in a hospital. I walk in praying no one else is there. The walls are glass and I can see out over the Charles River . It’s October and there’s a chill in the air, but the sun is shining creating a green house effect in the garden. I pull two chairs together, prop a couple of pillows behind my back, turn up my soft… Continue

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The Yoga Experience

I slept through the night last night for the first time in a long time. I can’t even remember the last time I didn’t have to get up to pee, or get woken up by the scenery light outside my window, a thunderstorm, or the upstairs neighbor playing his violin and his excessive whistling when he passes by my door. My body must have known I needed a good nights sleep.

Today Baron Baptiste is in town and he is teaching at his studio in Cambridge. Taking a class with Baron is a privilege since he… Continue

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