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Yesterday was my third colonoscopy post cc in 2003, stage IIIc (12" of bowel removed and resected) NED for 8 years!  The prep is not fun, but has improved over and now includesMiralax, a powder added to 64oz of fluid (I could only down 32 oz., it seemed to work fine).  MiralaxGetting ready for any exam, especially after a cancer diagnosis, is up there with singing in front of group of peers (which I did in January at the San Diego Song Writer's Meetup)  I survived with yoga and breath, mediation and humor.


I decided that my total treatments must have added up to a million bucks, so, I drew a cartoonist rendering of a butt and painted in gold

acrylic paint.  Inscribed:  My Million Dollar Butt , signed and then pinned onto the back of the hospital gown. When I was rolled over,

the GI doctor laughed and I drifted off into a twilight sleep.


March is Colon Cancer Awareness Month. C3 says that CC is preventable, treatable, beatable!  I had a hyperplastic. polyp removed.Yeah! All done for five years!

My oncologist retires this year, and his parting words to me were that

new hope remains in cancer treatment, and he believes that life style and attitude affects cancer outcome.  It really was a blessing for him to re-enforce what YB members know.  We are not statistics, we have choices, and our options in yoga are healthful, no matter our lifespan.



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Comment by Susan Basmajian, B.A., RYT on February 20, 2011 at 9:00am

Hi Jean,

I am glad to hear the good news!  You are a poster child for the benefits of yoga for survivors....Susan

Comment by Libby Lowe on February 20, 2011 at 8:40am

Jean, thanks for sharing this story--I love the image of the gold butt! Your humor and positive attitude are inspirational. Continued health and happiness!


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