Curious about how other survivors are using their yoga practice, I asked some YB yogi's about their yoga practice. Susan, a five year breast cancer survivor, has been actively engaged in reaching out to other woman. Not only has Susan practiced yoga for twenty years, she has become a registered yoga teacher (RYT). She teaches yoga to breast cancer patients and says, "My yoga work has been with breast cancer patients who have had reconstruction. Once they have the okay from their surgeon, we use very gentle asanas to improve range of motion and help prevent scar tissue. We use breath work to reduce pain and anxiety. I encourage my "clients" to also take classes and develop a home yoga practice to nurture a sense of balance and well-being." Susan also helps as a Patient Navigator, someone who helps newly diagnosed patients move through the many questions and treatment options. Susan also participated in a movie about breast reconstruction and continues to share her story, advocate for others and bring awareness to cancer survivorship.

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Comment by Susan Basmajian, B.A., RYT on February 23, 2010 at 4:43pm
Hi Jean,
I have checked out the Healing Chest and it sounds wonderful.......mastectomy and reconstruction patients will really benefit from this program....S
Comment by Susan Holbrook on February 20, 2010 at 5:48am
Dear Jean,
I contacted Katherine, the Denver chapter rep for Yoga Bear, but we have yet to hook up.
I have finally launched a program in Denver, on a very tiny scale, called The Healing Chest
I am hoping to get info on The Healing Chest onto the Yoga Bear website in order to allow women to know this is available to them. It is a sound well researched Yoga Program that is being supported by the doctors that know about it at this point, (2) but as it is brand new, the word needs to be spread.
The instructors are all RYT, 200 to 500 and are in the process of researching and brainstorming the re- structuring of poses to accommodate the various demands and restrictions of each type of breast surgeries related to breast cancer.
Susan Basmajian has popped up on my screen and I would love to be in contact with her to learn more about her program. I have Susan Rosen's DVD which I highly recommend. I have also been in contact with her. She told me she knew of no program like The Healing Chest.
The Healing Chest llc
A Restorative Yoga Therapy program created specifically for women recovering from prophylactic or therapeutic surgeries related to breast cancer. The Healing Chest offers therapeutic Yoga to address these specific health issues rather than offering a traditional Yoga class. Ancient traditional Yoga may be practiced in modified forms to accommodate the post-surgical limitations of breast surgery patients. Each class is designed to increase the mind-body connection with the intent to augment healing.
Contact Susan Holbrook
303 9210418 email:
mail: 1393 S. York Street, Denver, CO 80210

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