Weekly Yoga Letter , Earth day, April 23, 2010

Happy Friday, Yoga Bears!

Our 12-days (at-home) Yoga Challenge just came to a conclusion. It was a wonderful challenge and Kate and Yoga Bear gave us something to look for every day. You can look at all the poses in our blog and here is day 12 Bridge Pose & Closing. We would love to hear your thoughts. Thank you Kate and Yoga Bear for this great challenge!

If you are a Yoga instructor that is teaching Cancer survivors - please join us here for an open discussion .

In Yoga Bear world:

Yoga Bear welcomes our newest addition, Maya Gil-Cantu. If you need help, she is our Spanish speaking director. Offering classes in English and Spanish. Add her as a friend if you are looking for a private one-on-one and you are a Yoga Bear participant, past or present.

Check out this great recommendation for a Yoga movie from Jean.

This week in the news:
Effective And Beneficial Alternative Breast Cancer Treatments.
An alternate way to fight cancer?
Omega 3 May Prevent Colon Cancer
Cancer Survivor Resources
Targeted therapies for cancer are only as good as tests to find their protein targets (via New York Times)
Cancer Connections: Nontraditional cancer therapies can give patient sense of control.
Wellness: How did we end up with this alternative word for “health”?
Effects of Spirituality on Cancer Patients
Check out Yoga for Hope in August.

For Earth day - let's be thankful for our earth - providing us with water, air and vitality. Let’s make sure we take care of it and keep it safe and healthy!

And of course, don't forget Yogapalooza on June 6th in San Francisco, DC, San Diego, Chicago and Denver. More details to come.

Have a great weekend,
Moran and the Yoga Bear team

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