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Here are some great posts from our community this week:

Amazing demonstration of advanced Hatha Yoga Forward Bends.
Something about hands-on Adjustments
Anti-Cancer Superfoods suggestions

On the News this week:

Yoga: Possible Treatment for Breast Cancer?

Yoga as a Remedy for Anxiety
Dr. David Servan-Schreiber shares his fight with cancer, using yoga for healing, and his new book the Anti Cancer
Effective Supportive Treatments for Cancer By Dr. Jack Tobol
Chicago Tribune story on Laughter Yoga: "Laughter is not going to cure you, take away disease, or make the wrongs all right, but it will help you look at life in a clearer, more positive way."

We wanted to thank our LA volunteer Jennifer Pastiloff that decided to opt for yoga fundraiser for Haiti instead of extravagant, flashy wedding. Jennifer, we love your compassion and big heart! Thanks for a great initiative and deed!

Have a great weekend, full of Yoga and Joy,


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