Yoga for Breast Cancer - Healing Warrior Therapy Session in Fremont, CA

Join us for a FREE Healing Warrior Yoga Therapy Introductory session on March 20, 2010 12-1pm at Lifestretch Yoga studio – Fremont, CA. Meet the teachers, learn about the benefits of the
6-week workshop, experience a short yoga practice and ask questions prior to
signing up for the Victorious Warrior
6 week Workshop. All survivors are welcome—no previous yoga experience

Victorious Warrior Workshop (Yoga for Breast Cancer)
(3 months post surgery including reconstructive surgeries and beyond)
This 6 week program is designed to support the transition from being a breast
cancer patient to a celebrated survivor. In a soothing atmosphere that will
calm the nervous system, rejuvenate the spirit and ignite the power of inner
healing, we will focus on movements which progressively build strength and
flexibility in order to increase range of motion and maintain healthy lymph
flow. Together we will build a supportive community of Victorious Warriors. No
previous yoga experience required.

Three one hour classes will be offered a week at Lifestretch Yoga over the
course of 6 weeks. Participants can attend one, two or all three classes a
week. Although, attending at least twice a week is strongly recommended. Total
cost for the Victorious Warrior Workshop is $150. For more information visit
our website at ; or email or call

The next Victorious Warrior Workshop will be held April 1st - May 11th. Registration for this session will close on Friday, March 26th. Click here to register Victorious Warrior

Healing Warrior Retreats...coming soon
More information available shortly about Healing Warrior Yoga Therapy three day
retreats for Breast Cancer Survivors.

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