Dear Yoga Bears,
Sometimes you wake up and just know you need to do something! I woke up last weekend and said,"I'm going to SF to YogaPoolza". I booked a flight for 8:30, went to get my daughter, Jesse Marie who attends SFSU and we took the train to the studio. What a blast!

It was wonderful to meet Halle and Kelly, who I've talked to over these past months and other volunteers who were busily turning the gorgeous studio into a raffle heaven of donated goods! Jesse Marie and I canvased the neighborhood, one last blast of advertising, enticement and yoga bliss offerings at YogaPoolza!
I called a Yoga Bear frieind, Andra, and asked her to come if she was able to make it over to the studio. She is in active treatment, and those of us that have been there know, some days are just a bit harder than others.

Yogis started to arrive! A class began to take shape and Kelly was teaching. Jesse and I took our mats and enjoyed a restorative viniyoga flow class, which Jesse says she was just about asleep by the end of the class: stress reduction, gentle stretching, feeling and honoring our bodies as they are in the moment. It was a sacred space that Kelly opened for all students to enjoy the class!

Halle and I had a chance to dream some dreams for expanding Yoga Bear into the hospitals in San Diego, where I live. It an honor and a privilege to work with Yoga Bear. Yoga + cancer:
two passionate advocacy efforts of mine!

You just don't know where you'll find yourself . When life starts
calling you to follow your heart, you just might find yourself on a plane to YogaPoolza next year? See ya there!


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Comment by Susan Z. Condon on July 5, 2009 at 2:34pm
What a wonderful day it was! Everyone was so amazing, from the instructors, to the Yoga Bear team, to the folks that did all the solicitations for raffle gifts and silent auction items, to all of the eager yogi's there to support the fundraising to bring free yoga to cancer survivors. The pace of the classes was perfect as was the order of the classes, from Kelly's warm-up lesson, to Tony's Iyengar routine, followed by Talei's gentle cool-down to Soleil's exploration of the inner work. And in between were the raffle drawings (I had the good fairy looking down on me as I won 2 yoga mats, a Seane Corn DVD, and some fabulous silent auction items--wine, a landscaping design, and 4 t-shirts!). There were many give-aways to all--"cancer stinks" rubber bracelets, Gaiam water bottles, granola, fruit, and water. I've downloaded photos onto my Facebook page and will try to download some more below.....oh wait! That's Talei on the left and Soleil on the right and I'm in the middle!

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