The Yoga Bear resources page is dedicated to providing an informative range of content that explains how yoga can benefit you, and the various ways in which yoga is used to provide a range of health and fitness related benefits.


Active Treatments


Yoga can be used to assist people with active treatments and those going through going through treatment for symptoms such as pain relief and treating side effects from treatments related to diseases such as cancer. It can also be very effective in easing and combatting mental symptoms and side effects such as mood swings and hot flushes etc.


Yoga can be very effective in treating patients who are recovering from surgery and can help them by assisting them with tasks such as regaining their range of motion and providing a safe way in which to regain normal strength levels.


Managing Depression and Anxiety

Yoga also has many other mental related benefits as well as physical benefits, such as helping people with mental illnesses and symptoms such as depression, anxiety, insomnia and fatigue.

Yoga can be used to effectively increase the quality of life for people who are directly affected by serious illnesses such as cancer and as an added benefit can also be highly effective in helping those around the patient suffering from the serious illness by calming them and providing an outlet for them to relieve the stresses and strains associated with having to deal with a loved one going through the trauma of dealing with a serious illness.


Emotional Benefits

Yoga can be crucial in helping those affected by serious illnesses and ailments by helping them to establish a solid physical, emotional and mental base that will assist them in making the difficult transition from being a patient who is fighting cancer to someone who successfully becomes a cancer survivor.

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*Disclaimer – Always seek professional medical advice before undertaking any type of exercise and activity related to attempting to ease or cure the symptoms of any physical or mental ailment or illness.