How to become a yoga teacher

It’s likely that you started out with an occasional yoga class before finding that yoga brought something profound and vital to your life. Your practice became stronger, and your commitment became deeper. You’ve now decided that it would be a dream to commit yourself to bringing yoga to others. This is how many yoga instructors started on the path to teaching, but the next steps can be a little confusing. You’ll need to get some certifications, and you’ll also need to look deep inside to see if you’ll be a good instructor yourself.

Truths About Teaching Yoga

The Service Industry

At its core, teaching yoga is about providing a service to others. This makes you a part of the service industry. You’ll have to deal with customers on a daily basis. They might test your patience, be demanding or cause you to lose your Zen-like calm. When you’re thinking of how to become a yoga instructor, you should evaluate your suitability for the role too.

The Need for Yoga Instructors

If you notice that your local fitness center has the need for a yoga instructor, you’ve found a place for yourself in the market. Otherwise, you might have to find private clients and other locations that are in need of instructors. There’s the possibility for an online following as well. You’ll have to find your place in the world of yoga, which can take some time.

Are You Ready?

One of the reasons many people are drawn to yoga is because they need a change in their lives. They’re unfulfilled in their day jobs, and yoga brings about peace and enlightenment. They decide that instead of being stuck in a dimly-lit cubicle, they would rather work in a sunlit yoga studio. Before quitting your job, it’s important that you evaluate the path ahead. Some teachers, who absolutely love yoga and bringing it to their students, find that they must keep their day jobs in order to meet their financial obligations. They’ll teach classes at night or on weekends. This might be an option for many who are entering the world as a yoga teacher.

Yoga Certification

To become a certified yoga instructor, you’ll have to complete two hundred hours of training with a training teacher. Many of the classes are standard for training programs like Yoga Philosophy, Teaching Methodology and Anatomy. To obtain yoga teacher certification, you’ll need to complete a hundred hours of Techniques, Training and Practice where you’ll learn the 5 Categories of Asana among other parts of yoga. You’ll also need twenty-five hours of Teaching Methodology, and thirty hours of Yoga Philosophy.

Online yoga certification is a viable alternative for those who are unable to attend in-person classes for yoga instruction. When it comes to learning how to become a certified yoga instructor, there is some flexibility that you’ll have to learn to gain your yoga instructor certification.

When learning how to become a yoga instructor, you’ll have to figure out how long it’ll take you to get certified, and whether yoga certification might be out of reach until you gain the two hundred hours of training. That could take some time to complete.

The Business Side of Spirituality

Certification is just one part of the business side of yoga and how to become a certified yoga instructor. You’ll also need to consider how much of your day will be spent teaching. Like any profession, there’s often hours and hours spent readying yourself for the actual instruction. It can take hours to practice poses you’d like to teach based on the level of the class. You’ll need to reflect on the inspirations you want to share, and the playlist you’ll be bringing with you to class.

You might have to market yourself a little too. At the very least, you’ll have to get out and network with others. Introduce yourself at local fitness and community centers in your city. Yoga instructor certification is only the first step in the road to becoming a yoga teacher. You might find that you’d like to start recording sessions in your home for online viewers. You’ll also have to market yourself to gain attention there.

While you won’t be teaching yoga for the love of a paycheck, it’s still vital to realize how much time you’ll be putting into this career without a payoff in the form of cash. It’ll impact your financial well-being, which can bring on its own kind of stress.

Once you’ve thought about all the practical steps to yoga instruction, it’s time to contact a school to find out about costs, hours they provide and other considerations.