If you decide to commit to learning Yoga, finding the best Yoga mat can help you as you begin to learn this demanding, and rewarding discipline. Yoga is both a spiritual practice as well as a physical one that can help you to get stronger, more flexible, and improve your overall health. Yoga uses slow, steady movements, and balance poses to force the muscles of your body to work, which gives you a surprisingly challenging workout. Since Yoga is so challenging, and requires a great deal of balance, having the best Yoga mat can literally give you the foundation that you need in order to get started in this ancient discipline. The following Yoga mats all have features that would make them a good choice for you. By comparing them you can pick out the best Yoga mat for you.

Yoga has been practiced for thousands of years and it started out as a spiritual practice. While it is still practiced by many people for it’s spiritual benefits, many more people are starting to study and perform Yoga for the enormous health benefits that it provides. Yoga is a low impact workout that builds muscle, strength, and flexibility. It is an ideal way to get in shape and stay in shape for anyone that doesn’t want to lift weights or engage in high impact exercises. Today Yoga is practiced by many different kinds of people, and there are even variations that are evolving such as hot Yoga.

With Yoga being more popular than ever before it shouldn’t be surprising that there are so many different options in terms of Yoga mats and bags that you can buy. One of the great things about Yoga is it doesn’t require a lot of equipment to do it. In fact you don’t really need any equipment at all. However, having the best Yoga mat to do your Yoga routines on can make a big difference for you. Not only will the best Yoga mat help prevent you from slipping, it will also add much needed padding for you to stand and lay on. Yoga may be very demanding, but that doesn’t mean that you should have to sacrifice your comfort while performing it.

Once you decide that you want to take up Yoga you are going to need some basic supplies. Obviously you are going to need a Yoga mat, but you may not realize you also need a Yoga mat bag, as well as bottled water, towels, and anything else you feel you may need. While you could take the time to drive around to various stores to try to find what you need, it’s much easier to shop online. Online shopping enables you to quickly compare the costs, and features of any Yoga equipment you are considering purchasing. This makes online shopping a real time saver. Since you are probably busy with work and family commitments, not to mention Yoga classes, you probably don’t want to spend your free time driving around to various retail outlets. So make the smart choice and shop and buy your Yoga mat and Yoga mat bag online. It will save you time, money, and most importantly of all it will enable you to pick out a Yoga mat and Yoga mat bag that meets your needs.

Gaiam Athletic Yoga Series 2 Gripmat Xtra Large Mat


This oversized Yoga mat is 2 inches longer and 10 inches wider than a standard Yoga mat, making it an ideal choice for taller individuals. Another added bonus is the matDT technology which actually increases the grip of the mat as you sweat more. Since you are going to sweat a lot while doing a Yoga routine this is a great feature to enable you to maintain a strong and stable base. Finally this mat also features a PVC backing which keeps the mat structurally stable and lightweight at the same time.

The bottom line is that this is a high quality Yoga mat that is designed to be bigger for people that are taller, or people that simply want a bigger mat to work on. Yoga doesn’t involve a lot of movement, but for some people it’s much easier to use a mat with more room on it for easier transitions among poses. The other feature that allows the mat to absorb moisture and develop a stronger grip as a result is another nice feature that can help to ensure you health and safety. Yoga involves a lot of balance poses and in order to execute them properly you have to have a good foundation that your feet can grip for balance.


Professional Quality Natural Rubber Yoga Mat 72″ by 24″


One of the main features of this mat is that it is 100% natural rubber that is biodegradable. To further show their commitment to being environmentally responsible they plant 1 tree for every mat they sell. These high quality mats are also made without the use of PVC or any other chemicals that deplete the ozone layer. Another great benefit of this mat is that it is guaranteed to not have a rubbery smell to it. Since keeping a solid base is so important in Yoga this mat was designed to be very absorbent so that you don’t have to worry about slipping while doing your routine.

Since many of the people interested in Yoga are also open minded and concerned about the environment, this professional quality Yoga mat was designed with them in mind. If you buy this Yoga mat you can rest assured that it is environmentally friendly, freeing you up to concentrate on your routine. Don’t make the mistake though of assuming that this mat isn’t as good as other mats because it is environmentally safe. This mat is just as durable and functional as most other Yoga mats, and it should provide you with years of use.


Manduka PROlite Yoga And Pilates Mat


When choosing the best Yoga mat one of the requirements should be that the mat and Yoga mat bag should last you a long time. If that’s what you are looking for then this is the mat for you since it comes with a lifetime warranty. This mat is not only very well made, it is lightweight yet also very soft giving you a great base to perform your routine on. The smooth fabric finish provides enough grip to ensure that you don’t slip, while also enabling you to seamlessly transition between different balance poses. The bottom of this mat also features a unique dot based anti slip system to help ensure that your mat will not move or shift while you are using it.

So if you are looking for a mat that will last you a long time, and will provide excellent grip and stability, the Manduka PROlite mat would be a good choice for you. It’s rugged construction means it will last you not just a long time, it will you last you a lifetime. If it doesn’t they offer a warranty that will replace your mat for you at no cost. If you want a Yoga mat that will be your companion for years to come then look no further than this mat. Lifetime warranties are fairly rare, so when a company offers one it usually means that the product they are selling was well designed, and was manufactured with high quality standards in place.


Jade Harmony Professional 3/16 Inch Yoga Mat


Made from all natural rubber and excluding any ozone harming chemicals such as PVC, this is another Yoga mat that is as environmentally conscious as many of the people who would use it. This mat offers superior comfort with it’s exceptional padding, and it is also easily washed with soap and water. Like any other good Yoga mat the Jade Harmony mat offers exceptional slip resistance qualities helping to ensure that you won’t slip or lose your footing while performing your Yoga routine.

The main thing to remember about this mat is that it is both high quality as well as environmentally sound. Once again this is a company that recognizes the need to make the environment a priority. So if you care about the planet, and want a quality Yoga mat, then the Jade Harmony mat is a good choice for you. If you want a Yoga mat that is exceptionally well padded, and has excellent grip, then look no further. The Jade Harmony Professional Yoga mat is likely going to be an ideal option for you.


prANA E.C.O. Yoga Mat


This high quality Yoga mat is made from 100% imported thermoplastic elastomer meaning that it is meant to last. It also features two sided texture ensuring optimum grip on even the most slick and slippery of surfaces. The unique closed cell construction process also seals the mat preventing germs and other microbes from becoming embedded in it, which will help to keep you from getting sick. On top of that the unique construction also means that the mat should remain having a pleasant scent even when you use it frequently. The thermoplastic elastomer used in this mat’s construction is free of PVC and other harmful chemicals, it is UV resistant, and is also latex free.

If you are looking for a Yoga mat that is stylish, structurally sound, and will last you a long time then this is the mat for you. Like several other mats on this list it was designed to be environmentally friendly by using non damaging chemicals in it’s manufacturing process. Looking for a great Yoga mat that is made from environmentally safe materials, then look no further.


Picking Out The Right Yoga Mat Bag

While having the best Yoga mat is a great starting point when you are getting the gear you need to be able to learn and master Yoga, it’s only a starting point. You really don’t want to have to carry your mat to class along with towels, water bottles, and everything else that you need without a bad do you? Of course not, so when looking at Yoga equipment ensuring that you have the best Yoga mat bag is also very important. You want a bag that is durable, long lasting, and spacious enough to fit all of the gear that you are going to need. If you are going to invest in a premium Yoga mat then you should also invest in a premium Yoga mat bag for transporting it, and your other equipment, to and from class. The following Yoga mat bags are all excellent choices, by comparing the different features of each one you should be able to find one that will meet or exceed your needs.

Gaiam Everything Fits Recycled Gym Bag


The Gaiam Everything Fits Recycled Gym Bag is a spacious and rugged gym bag that is designed to be able to hold everything you need for your next Yoga class. The bottom of the bag is specially designed so that you can fold or roll your Yoga mat up and strap it to the bottom of the bag. There are also multiple compartments so that you can keep things organized instead of just throwing everything into one main compartment. Since you have some items that need ventilation, such as your shoes, this bag also has vented compartments to help keep odors under control. If you are looking for a great Yoga mat bag then this bag should have all of the features that you are looking for.


Gaiam Yoga Duffle Bag


This is another quality Yoga mat bag made by Gaiam that was designed to hold most Yoga mats. It also features zippered pockets so that you can keep your belongings organized and in place. The heavy duty construction used in this mat bag also ensures that it will give you a lot of usage so you can carry it for years to come. If you are looking for a Yoga mat bag where you can store your mat and other equipment between classes, and easily carry with you to class, this is the mat bag you have been looking for.


Yoga Backpack Waterproof Cross Body Sling Bag


This Yoga back is actually a backpack with a cross body sling style strap that is designed for maximum comfort when you are carrying it. What makes this backpack a unique choice is that it was specifically designed to be used by people who enjoy the great outdoors. Who ever said that a Yoga class has to be in a Yoga studio? In fact maybe you don’t want to attend a class at all and feel like spending some time alone in nature while practicing your Yoga routine. This is a mat bag designed to enable you to do all of these things. On top of that it’s also waterproof so if you run into some unexpected showers while you are out and about you won’t have to worry about your bag, or it’s contents being soaked.

One other great use for this type of Yoga mat bag is you can use it when you are out hiking or camping. Imagine the serenity of being able to wake up in the morning while camping, surrounded by nature, and perform a Yoga routine as the sun rises. The fresh air and solitude can help you to attain a relaxing mind set that helps the stress and worries of everyday life to slowly fade away. Even if you can’t spend a day or two camping you can still use this bag to hike to an isolate point, perform your Yoga routine, and then head back to the real world.

In addition to being designed to hold your Yoga mat and other essentials, this backpack style bag can also hold a laptop and many other types of supplies. This bag was designed with the active person in mind, with someone who is on the go and needs to have their Yoga mat and other things with them. Since they are so certain you will love this bag they even offer a 60 day, no questions asked return policy.


Fit Spirit Tree Of Life Exercise Yoga Mat Bag With 2 Cargo Pockets, Available In Multiple Colors


This full sized Yoga mat bag was designed to fit most Yoga mats, and it also incorporates a zipper in the side for easy access. It’s unique, over the shoulder sling style strap is also an excellent option for keeping comfortable when you are toting around your Yoga bag and other supplies. This Yoga mat bag is also very durable and rugged and should give you years of use. If you want a simple, yet functional and fashionable Yoga mat bag then this is the bag for you.

Since this Yoga mat bag features a cross body strap it’s designed for maximum comfort. Many Yoga bags are now starting to incorporate this style of strap since they are generally more comfortable for the person carrying the bag. Instead of having thinner straps that can irritate your shoulders, a single, thicker cross body strap is much less likely to cause you discomfort while you are carrying your bag.


Aurorae Yoga Multipurpose Cross Body Sling Back Pack


Made from durable, heavy duty polyester, this mat bag is very durable and has a 2 year guarantee. It features a special Yoga mat locker system that can secure and hold most mats comfortably. The double reinforced shoulder straps are both durable and comfortable so you don’t have to worry about them breaking and they are also soft and well padded for ease of use. This bag also features multiple pockets that can hold all of your valuables securely.


Final Thoughts

Today Yoga has transformed from a rather obscure discipline practiced by few, into a much more mainstream thing that is well known and practiced by many. In fact many professional athletes now practice Yoga as a means of building core strength and flexibility. Incorporating Yoga into their training has actually show the potential to extend athlete’s careers by enabling them to build strength and flexibility without having to subject their bodies to more high impact training. The point here is that Yoga is now practiced by people from all kinds of different backgrounds, and that it’s health benefits are well known.

With Yoga being much more widespread now there is a growing interest in finding the best Yoga mat and the best Yoga mat bag. While a simple mat may work, why shouldn’t you indulge yourself a little bit and get a mat that you will love. The best Yoga mat’s made today are designed to absorb all of that sweat you will be generating during your Yoga routine to help keep your mat dry and stable. The last thing you ever want is to suffer a fall and end up injured during Yoga. On top of the Yoga mat evolving the Yoga mat bag has evolved as well. Today’s Yoga Mat bags are designed for maximum functionality, long life, and also to have a stylish appearance. Why try to carry everything you need on an individual basis when you can use a Yoga Mat Bag instead?

When it comes to Yoga the equipment you need is generally fairly minimal. While you don’t necessarily need a Yoga mat or Yoga mat bag, you will definitely enjoy your Yoga routines more if you are comfortable. The padding in Yoga mats helps to keep any excess strain from being felt on your joints, which is important since many people have joint issues. The non slip surfaces that Yoga mats use also help to keep your feet stable and secure when you are performing your routine. During many different balance poses having the ability to grip the ground you are standing on can make a big difference in your ability to hold and maintain the pose. Another benefit that many people don’t think of is the moisture absorbing properties that modern Yoga mats have. If you are doing Yoga on a hard floor your sweat can quickly make that floor very slippery and dangerous. If you decide that Yoga is for you, then taking the time to go online and find the best Yoga mat and Yoga mat bag is a great starting point.