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When you are running a business such as a Yoga studio it is very important that all aspects of the business work well together. This means that you will need to be able to coordinate client scheduling, accounting, managing of employees, registration for customers, and attendance. You also need to be able to process credit cards securely, manage your inventory, make sure your employees are paid through payroll, and also keep your important work documents safe. Chances are that you are passionate about Yoga and teaching it to others was likely a dream that you had. While you probably knew that running an actual Yoga studio would entail some work, you probably didn’t know just how much work would be involved. In fact running a Yoga studio can become an all consuming affair that quickly takes over your life.

If you feel that your Yoga studio is running your life then you should take a step back an evaluate how your business is being run. How many different types of software do you run to keep the studio up and running? Are you using a lot of different spreadsheets to track your expenses and revenue? If you ask yourself these questions you may realize that you are not running your business as efficiently as you could be. The good news is that there is help available, there are some pretty effective programs that you can use that can handle all of your Yoga studio needs.

3 Essential Elements That All Great Yoga Studio Software Will Have

1. Any Yoga business software that you are considering should have cloud computing capabilities. Cloud computing will allow you to store business data in the cloud, which means you can access it anywhere. While taking your work home isn’t fun, it is often necessary if you are a business owner. Having cloud computing capabilities means that you can access data regarding your business from anywhere, so you can make sure your studio is running the right way. When you use cloud based computing you won’t have to download software to all of your devices or jump through any other hoops. Instead you simply login to your account and you can get right to work.

2. Any Yoga studio software you are using should also be a comprehensive program that enables you to easily manage all aspects of your business. You shouldn’t have to run different applications for scheduling, payroll, and expenses. You should have studio management software that enables you to efficiently manage all aspects of your business. When you try to manage your Yoga studio using a bunch of different kinds of software what ends up happening is you get a complicated mess that is hard to work with. Instead of trying to get a bunch of different programs to work together you should look for the best studio software to help you run your business the right way.

3. Finally the last major thing you should look for in Yoga business software is it’s ease of use, and how much of the program is automated. Running a Yoga studio can eat up all of your time if you let it. Instead of letting your business run your life you should find smart ways to run your business. After all you don’t really want to spend all of your time focused on work do you? So make sure that the Yoga software you buy is capable of handling all of the many variables that goes into running a successful business. Make sure that it can manage your staff through scheduling, payroll, inventory, and sales. The software you choose should also enable you to manage credit card transactions and keeping track of new and existing customers. By using software that has a lot of automation you can cut out a lot of the menial and time consuming tasks that you probably hate having to deal with. So make the smart choice and choose an all encompassing software that can make your life easier. Once you have your new software up and running and are comfortable with it, you may finally feel like you can take that long overdue vacation.

This is going to be a long blog post because there is a lot of ground that I need to cover. While this post might be long I feel that the information I am covering is important to the future success of your Yoga studio. With that being said I also realize that your time is valuable, and you are probably very busy. If you want to cut to the chase and find out what the best studio software is then click her and you will be taken right to it. Remember that this is Yoga studio software that meets the 3 key requirements mentioned above, this is what makes it the best option for you. The other good news is that you can actually get the first month of use of this new software for free. Simply mention that you were referred by the Yoga Baron when you sign up and you will get all of the benefits of this software for free for the first month.

Features To Look For In Yoga Software

It’s important to remember when looking at Yoga studio software that not all Yoga studios are the same, and you need a program that can handle the specific needs of your business. The good news is that there is software that can handle everything you need, and that software is Tula Software. The following is a partial list of the many features that this studio management software has that you will find to be invaluable.

1. Class Scheduling

Being able to schedule classes online is a very user friendly feature that your Yoga students are sure to love. We live in the digital age and people today are constantly on the go. Being able to login and schedule a class is a benefit that just about everyone would love having.

– Software that enables your students to add their name to a class wait list will enable your students to pick out class times that fit their schedules. The important thing here is to have studio management software that will do the hard work for you. That’s why Tulasoftware is such a good option, it automates the process thus freeing up more of your free time. – Self check in for students. Do you want to spend your time checking in your students as they arrive to class? Or would your time be better spent getting things set up so that you can provide a great class to your students? Why not give your students an ID card that they can scan in when they get to class so that it will save both them and you time?

– If you don’t want to go the digital route you can also print off sign in sheets that your students can use when they arrive in class. If you want to handle your sign in system this way make sure that you use studio scheduling software that offers a variety of different templates so that you can print out sign in sheets that suit your business.

– Scheduling rental of rooms and/or equipment. Do you rent out rooms and equipment to your students? If you do then there’s no reason you shouldn’t use Yoga software that enables your students to handle the process themselves. This will also free up more of your time enabling you to spend more time interacting with, and teaching your students.

– Keep your current customers and attract new ones with recurring bookings. If you really want to build your business one great thing you can do is make it easy for your students to schedule more classes in the future. By committing to more classes students are much more likely to return to your studio than if they didn’t schedule the classes in advance.

– The best studio management software will also keep statistics on attendance for you. If you want to know how you are doing as a Yoga teacher one area that can give you a lot of insight is your class attendance. If you have a lot of regular students then chances are that you are doing your job well. Class attendance statistics will also tell you which class times are the most popular, so you may even be able to get rid of some of the less attended classes.

2. Easy Scheduling

– A drag and drop function for easy booking of class times is the type of luxury that most students will love having. By making it easier for you students to book class times with you there’s a good chance you will get more repeat students.

– Keeping everything on the cloud, which is web based, will save you a lot of headaches. You won’t have to upgrade your software or download anything to your computer. Best of all having everything on the cloud will enable you to access your business anywhere and anytime.

– Using software like Mind Body Yoga will allow you to view schedules in different ways. You will be able to sort and organize them based on class size, gender, and many other ways. This is just another tool that will help you to keep your studio running as efficiently as possible.

– You can also assign colors to schedules. Why would you want to do this? Simple, in time you will be able to memorize which colors are for each schedule, which will enable you to quickly and easily locate whatever schedule you happen to need at that time.

3. Different Yoga Studio Enrollment Options

Maybe you offer more options to students than just Yoga classes. If this is the case then you need Yoga studio management software that will give you the ability to be flexible. You need software that can schedule different class types at different times. The last thing you should want to have to deal with is to have too many activities or class types scheduled at the same time, thus creating conflicting issues.

– Basic courses such as beginning Yoga instruction and class building concepts are likely going to remain among your most popular options with students. So make sure that you use software that will enable your students to see when these classes are available, and also sign up for a class that suits their schedule.

– You may also decide that you want to do seminars and other types of special events in order to help grow your business. By using the right Yoga studio software you can make it easy for your students to sign up for these events, and by having a larger audience you can ensure that your events have the biggest impact possible.

– Make it easy for your students to look at different classes and payment options. Life is tough and keeping up with finances for many people is far from easy. By using Tula Software you can have many different payment plans and options available for your students to choose from. This will enable them to pick the class type that meets their needs and suits their budget.

– Keeping track of payment status. If you are running any type of business, even a Yoga studio, the bottom line is always on your mind. You need to keep revenue coming in if you want to be able to be profitable. This means that you need to use Yoga studio software that enables you to quickly and easily keep track of who has paid you and who still owes you money.

4. Processing Payments

– Having credit card integration with your Yoga studio software is a must. More and more people use electronic forms of payment now making cash transactions increasingly rare. This is why you need software that takes this into account and has built in credit card processing capabilities.

– Make sure that you are going to be able to link payments and services together. This will enable you to pull up or print financial statements whenever you need them.

– You should also consider offering membership cards to your students or even ID tags. After all why should you bother with the clutter that paper has when you can track your business information electronically.

5. Make sure that you have an online store to help you generate more revenue

If you are running any type of business that generates revenue through retail means then having an online store is a must. The great news is that with the right Yoga studio software creating an online store is much easier than you may have imagined possible. If you are interested in taking advantage of having an online store make sure that you pick out studio software that has e-commerce capabilities. If you really want to push your earning power to the next level you could even consider entering a partnership with a supplier that offers health and Yoga products. There really is no limit to what you can do. You can offer gift cards, special pricing on Yoga class packages, tickets to your events, and many other options as well.

6. You should also make sure that gift cards are easy to purchase

Gift cards are a very lucrative item that are growing in popularity. Gift cards are a convenient way for people to provide a meaningful gift to a friend or loved one without having to put too much time and effort into it. Giving cash as a gift shows little thought and effort, but if you take the time to provide a gift card it shows that you put some time and effort into choosing a good gift. By using the right Yoga studio software you can create gift cards, sell gift cards, and also track their usage.

– Make sure that you offer pre-paid options.

– Make sure that you are able to track account balances and that your students can easily find out how much is left on a gift card.

– Make sure that it’s easy to load gift cards and that there are different monetary amounts that you can choose from.

– Make sure that you sell your gift cards in person in your studio and also online in your online store.

7. Using E-mail to market your studio

No matter what kind of business you operate without customers you will fail. E-mail marketing is a way you can really push your business forward and give it the boost you need to get to the next level. Because of this you need to ensure that the Yoga studio software that you get has the ability to integrate your list of students with an E-mail marketing campaign. Rather than waste your time trying to send out E-mails one at a time to students, you can let the software do the hard part for you.

The great thing about using E-mail marketing is that it can do so much for your business. You can use E-mail marketing to keep in touch with students, to reach out to students who haven’t attended class recently, promote sales and specials, prompt your existing students to refer new students to you, and send out reminders of upcoming classes and events. When you have the right software running your business you can use it to divide your students up into different groups. This will enable you to customize what type of E-mail goes to each student, thus ensuring maximum effectiveness with your marketing campaign.

A good example of this would be to make sure that a student who signs up for a class receives and E-mail reminding them to attend. This same E-mail can also be used to remind the student to cancel if they can’t attend, so that you can try to fill their spot with another student. Another great example would be if you have a student who tries to sign up for a class but cannot because the class is full. In this scenario you could use your Yoga studio software to automatically send them an E-mail if an opening becomes available, or also send them a list of other class times.

8. Tracking Inventory In Your Yoga Studio

Anytime you sell any kind of retail merchandise you need to be able to track your inventory. This will enable you to order more supplies when they are needed, and also to monitor for shrink. The great thing about choosing Tula Software is that you can track your inventory digitally, which is a real time saver. Make sure that the software you choose will be able to track both online inventory and the inventory in your studio. Once again this is all about centralizing your business and making it run more efficiently. The great thing about doing this is it will enable you to be profitable by keeping up to date financial statements that help you to identify areas of your business that are doing well, and areas that need more attention.

9. Having a Yoga student account manager makes life easier

One of the biggest benefits of using cloud based software is that you can create accounts for your students that both you and they can log into and monitor at any time. This enables your students to keep track of their attendance, referral bonuses they may have earned, their account balance, any products they purchase, and also their gift card balances. This is another way of making things easier and more convenient for both you and your students.

Whenever you are doing any kind of business online there is always the possibility of some kind of fraud impacting you. So make certain that you have an e-waiver that any student who uses your site has to agree to. This will protect you from liability in the event that someone hacks your site or any sensitive data is otherwise exposed.

10. Managing Your Yoga Studio Staff

Some people really enjoy interacting with and managing their employees. It doesn’t matter if you like to be more hands on, or try to distance yourself from your staff, in either case it’s important that you manage your team efficiently. This means that you need studio software with the right features.

– Your Yoga studio software should have a portal for staff where you can send them instructions and give them direction.

– Each staff member should have their own individual login that way you can track who is logging in and following directions and who is not. This will also enable you to send customized instructions to each employee.

– Your software should operate with different permission levels giving more responsible employees in a leadership role access to higher levels of studio information.

– Of course one of the main things you need to look for in mind body software is a robust scheduling system. Imagine the convenience of being able to post staff schedules online instead of having to print and post it every week or every month. Another bonus here is that if you do have to adjust the schedule you can do it easily, and you can also alert your staff in a convenient way.

11. Does the software you are looking at include Yoga studio payroll?

Are you keeping a close eye on your payroll? Do you know how much you pay your employees in wages, fees,and commissions? It’s not always easy to track how much you are actually paying out to your staff, but it’s something that should be a priority. Your staff is an expense, and if you are paying too much for that expense you need to do something about it. The problem is that you can’t do anything about it unless you know a problem exists. By using quality Yoga studio software you should be able to quickly and easily see a chart showing you how much compensation you are paying out to your employees.

If you aren’t certain that you need payroll tracking features then consider the following scenario. Let’s say you have an instructor who gets paid by the hour, and also gets a bonus when they manage to fill up a whole class. So you have to track student attendance for this employee, and you have to track it for every class they give. Now imagine if you have multiple employees who get paid in the same manner. Suddenly you have dozens or more classes to track on a daily basis.

Another important feature that any Yoga studio software should have is a time clock. Many Yoga studios employ employees who get paid by the hour, so having a digital time clock is a great way to continue streamlining your business. Instead of having an actual time clock you can have a feature where your staff can easily enter their start and stop times, thus saving you more time and effort when it comes to payroll.

12. Keeping track of financials and other important information

If you are trying to grow and expand your business then you need to have a clear picture of where your business has been as well as where you hope it is going. The reason we study history is to both learn and also to avoid the repeating the mistakes of the past. So make sure that any Yoga software you are considering will be able to paint you a detailed picture of your studio’s main financial information. By looking at class size trends, income, expenses, and other business data you can help to guide your business to a brighter and more profitable future.

13. Get software that has the capabilities and scalability you need at a price you can afford

While some Yoga studios want nothing more than to grow and expand, this just isn’t in the plans for quite a few studios. Maybe you are perfectly happy, and financially secure, running a slightly smaller Yoga studio. If this is the case it’s important that you use software that can be scaled based upon business size, and make sure you are paying a fair price for it. You should also look to see if there is software available that offers a lower price point for smaller studios.

So What Happens Next?

This has been a long post and I’ve covered a lot of ground. Some of what I have covered may be of no use to you at the moment. Maybe your studio is small and you don’t need all of the features that were mentioned here. But, one day you might. You may find yourself with a studio that has grown far more than you expected, and now as a result you need a better organized and efficient operation.

One thing that you have to make a priority is choosing the right Yoga studio management software. It’s going to take you quite a bit of time and effort getting to know the software you choose and learning how to use it to it’s fullest capabilities. Because of the investment of time you are making it’s important that you spend that time wisely.

The good news is that I’m here to help, and I would be happy to try to give you some direction when it comes to picking out the right Yoga studio software for your business. The studio software that I would recommend above all others is Mindbody business. Why is this my first choice and the choice I would recommend for you? That’s simple, all of those features I wrote about earlier in this post are incorporated into their software. On top of that it’s pricing is very reasonable considering all that it can do for you and your business.

If you are interested and want to enjoy one month of free use for this software then click here.