Chances are that if you are reading this article you have a strong commitment to transforming the lives of others in a positive way. As a Yoga instructor you are a healer, an Artist, and also a Coach. The simple truth is that if you really want to make your mark in the world as a Yoga instructor you can’t be satisfied with just surviving. Instead you need to thrive, and to do this you need to think of yourself as an entrepreneur.

For people who are known for their big heart it can be difficult to make the transition from instructor to a business owner. There are so many more responsibilities that seem to come with being an entrepreneur that you can easily feel stressed out and overwhelmed. There are many scary words and phrases that come to mind when you accept that you are more than just an instructor, that you are in fact a business owner with goals and ambition. Words such as selling, and marketing come to mind, and they seem to have meanings that are frightening and intimidating. Other words like come to mind as well including:

Not talented enough to charge clients for this
It’s already been done and there is too much competition
It just doesn’t feel right for me

Those of you out there that have shared these same issues understand what I am trying to get at. I understand, and more than that I’m sympathetic to what you are going through. Not only do I understand, I want you to thrive and to see your business grown and expand. So in this article I hope to show you how to move past your emotions and in doing so find out how you can use your ability and ambition to succeed. The following are 3 mind sets that can be hugely beneficial to you as you try to grow and thrive:

1. Develop a mindset that makes you feel powerful and in control by re-framing your personality.

The term re-framing refers to changing the meaning of something by putting a frame around it. Personally the word I most associate with is leadership. For me this is a word that is very powerful, so as an entrepreneur I re-frame that word so that it means leadership to me. This allows me to step into my role as an entrepreneur and feel confident as a leader. Much like my friend Racheal refers to herself as a Yogipreneur I consider myself a Yogi leader.

When I think of what a leader is I think of someone that helps others and guides them, and always encourages those around them to speak the truth. A real leader is someone who is kind, and courageous, and helps to nurture relationships between others. A leader is able to encourages others to be creative while positively supporting them in this endeavor. A leader helps to forge the path for others, not that this is a path to be followed, instead it is a path meant to inspire others.Here’s an interesting question for you: What can you do to re-frame yourself so that you can confidently step into a leadership position? Are you more hands on like a Yogipreneur that enjoys teaching? Are you a Yogi leader that inspires others with their own example? Or are you a warrior or an advocate for better health?

2. Don’t Create A Business, Instead Create A Movement.

Being a Leader and an Entrepreneur is all about developing a mindset that incorporates using your own personal values to develop your leadership style. You don’t want a bunch of people that will follow you, you want a bunch of people that will be inspired by you so that they find their own path.

When you believe it what you are doing you will feel confidence and power that you never thought possible. Whether you are simply checking your messages, or you are marketing products, if you act according to your belief system you will feel powerful. Work hard to create a movement that will attract others and get them to join you in fulfilling your purpose in life and your mission to help others. If you want to be a successful Entrepreneur that leads with your heart, you need to realize that it’s not only about running a business, it’s about inspiring others and getting them to join the movement you have started.

Here’s another question for you: After taking the time to think about your values what kind of person do you see yourself as now? What will you stand and fight for? What are the most memorably moments in your life involving teaching others? If you could do one thing to make the world a better place, what would that one thing be?

3. You need to realize that earning money from your services does not detract from the spiritual value that you offer.

You have probably heard this argument before, but it still bears mentioning. We live in a world where money is a driving force, money is power, it is an energy that gives you the ability to accomplish more.

If you think money is the root of all evil then having money will probably effect you in this way. If you feel guilty accepting money for helping others, that guilt will color your perceptions in a negative way. If you feel that charging for your services make you an inauthentic person, then this is how you will see yourself and how others will as well. This is why it is so important for you to retain a strong sense of belief in yourself and your values. Belief means holding something dear close to you so that you can make it a priority in your life.

Because your beliefs are dear to you, holding them close to your heart shouldn’t be that difficult. Your beliefs are a precious part of your life, and they will remain so even if they are not serving you particularly well at the moment. To become a great leader you will need to find your own path, and it must be a path without limits. You must learn how to keep from being your own worst enemy and allow yourself to feel like you can succeed.

The key thing to remember here is that you must practice if you want to be able to succeed. You need to practice using your beliefs to help you develop the right mindset as a leader. You must practice in believing in yourself, in fact say it out loud. Look at yourself in the mirror and practice saying how much you charge for a one on one Yoga session, or any other type of service you offer. Once you learn how to say it confidently to yourself you will be able to say it to others as well.

The Dalai Lama once said:
With the realization of ones own potential and self-confidence in ones ability, one can build a better world.
Remember this next time you feel shame for believing in your worth.