Is yoga a good way to meet new people?

By Sophia Estrada
Last updated: Dec 15, 2022

Yoga brings a sense of peace and eases one’s mind. It enables us to introspect and become self-aware of one’s true self, thus also helping us connect to similar powerful individuals. It is all about connection and the union of the body, mind, and soul.

Dean Ornish of Preventive Medicine Research Institute says that “intimacy is healing” and that nothing is better than sharing your authentic self with others. After every yoga class, one feels peaceful, which helps you to express your feeling without the fear of being judged.

Here are some reasons how yoga provides a good way to transform your body and meet new friends.

Makes you calm

Yoga clears your worries and transforms your point of view. As your yoga practice progresses, you see improvement in your life through better sleep, digestion, and less stress. This gives you inner peace, which makes you go out and socialize and make friends.


Self-regulation is the key to social functioning. Yoga enables you to relax, provide innate positivity and hence regulate yourself. This, in turn, helps you to reach out to meet new friends.

Reduces stress and increase energy

Mindful breathing during heightening stress prevents irritability and promotes harmony. Practicing yoga regularly makes you more responsive to your environment. You feel more enthusiastic and high on energy which makes you confident in social situations.

The concept of Seva

Seva means selfless service. Yoga teaches you to set aside your ego for effective service. This helps you trust yourself and become comfortable, which leads to being comfortable with others. It is essential to build a good relationship.

Better communication

Yoga is a good means to meet new people, especially in this world of digitization. Technology has made it difficult to have a face-to-face conversation. A 1987 survey of the University of California showed that 40% of school freshmen spend 16 hours or more per week socializing compared to 18% today. Communication is the key to provide help to people, especially youngsters, to come out of anxieties. Yoga can help us forge this communication and lasting connection!

Where can we start?

The best place to meet new people is the yoga class or yoga studio itself. The synergy that the whole room exudes is powerful, that you feel secure and safe. The bond is built right here with like-minded people who’ve had similar experiences. Everyone in the studio feels like they are one, a feeling of unity, and together, we can conquer great things. It is a positive step that brings a sense of gratitude and cultivates new meaningful relationships and deeper connections through love for yoga!

Yoga class is a great way to meet new people as you bond on shared interests and perspectives in life. It is a means of acknowledging your common humanity and also achieving self-satisfaction.

How to make friends outside the yoga studio?

– be brave and open. Introduce yourself and spark up a conversation. You can start with your shared love for yoga

-try to interact with your teachers and give feedback on their classes

-start a conversation with your yogi neighbors or research ways to get involved in the local community.

– Incorporate different fitness classes with you Yoga schedule for example HIIT and LIIT group classes.

One of the ultimate goals of all human beings is self-contentment and happiness. And the secret to a happy life is spending time with your loved ones and staying open to new relationships. Yoga helps you achieve this and enables you to overcome your inner conflict and rise to the occasion building your confidence in the process. Yoga indeed provides a beautiful window of opportunity!

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Sophia Estrada is very fortunate to have had the opportunity to practice yoga since she was 8 years old and expresses a strong love for yoga. Sophia would like to bring all of her knowledge and passion to help people gain a vital sense of energy, fitness and peace through helpful yoga postures and useful information.


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