The Best Yoga Fitness Destinations

By Sophia Estrada
Last updated: Dec 15, 2022

Yoga remains one of the absolute best and most relaxing ways to maintain a sense of inner peace and tranquillity and also keep Fit and healthy. However, this is often only possible because of the environment in which you practice in.

The  Holiday destination can really have a significant impact when it comes to yoga and exercising on holiday is always fun. You need to make sure that you are finding the best possible yoga to work with because the effect on your experience will be high. We’re going to be taking a look at some of the best yoga destinations  we can think of, so you know where you should be aiming to go.

Greece, Silver Island

Silver Island is a place which has dedicated itself to providing people with a place to do one thing – yoga. The entire island is secluded and designed to be as spiritual and relaxing as possible, and there are quite a few different retreats intended to aid in your yoga experience. You’ll find that there’s a very relaxing and peaceful experience to be had here, as well as a good holiday too.

India, Khajuraho

India is considered by many to be the birthplace of yoga, and so many will visit the country in order to understand the pure and underlying love of the practice which seems to be at work in so many places. However, this location in Central India has been highly praised as being one of the best possible places to experience all that yoga stands for. From the sacred temples to an emphasis on devotion and service, there’s a lot to appreciate here.

Tofo, Mozambique

Tofo is a location which has been widely praised for being relaxed, rustic and profoundly beautiful. You’ll love the surrounding area and all its many charms, but that isn’t what people come to the area for. No, the real emphasis here is on yoga and the fact that this is an ideal location for people to practice, being one of tranquillity and serene grace.

Big Sur, California

Somewhere which you might not expect to be associated with mindfulness and spirituality is California, which actually plays host to a whole selection of different yoga spots and groups, all of whom just want to practice in tranquillity and peace. There’s real history in everything that goes on, and you could easily check out the rest of California at the same time if you wanted to.

Overall, these are just a few of the different places you can go for yoga and a place to practice. All of these locations may well seem to very different, but they all share a particular set of characteristics and features and are all great for fitness classes. They’re all a place where nature and reflection come together to form something which is truly incredible. So many people have come to California or Greece and found that they’re wonderful places to spend time. You can easily lose yourself in the world and its vibe, and find yourself experiencing a whole new way to meditate and enjoy yourself.

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Sophia Estrada is very fortunate to have had the opportunity to practice yoga since she was 8 years old and expresses a strong love for yoga. Sophia would like to bring all of her knowledge and passion to help people gain a vital sense of energy, fitness and peace through helpful yoga postures and useful information.


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