Warrior 1 Pose Yoga – A Must-Practice For  Every Yoga Lover

By Sophia Estrada
Last updated: Dec 15, 2022
Warrior 1 Pose Yoga

As you know, yoga is one of the best methods to balance both physical and mental health. Everyone from a 5-year-old child to an older person can take up this useful spiritual practice. It will do a bunch of wonders for your life.

So today, we would like to recommend a basic but challenging yoga pose to you. That is virabhadrasana 1 or commonly known as warrior 1 yoga pose.

Doing yoga poses may seem like a piece of cake, but in fact, it may not.

To acquire the best results, you need to fully understand the warrior 1 yoga pose’s steps. But no need to worry because we are here to support you. This article will provide detailed steps and relevant information about virabhadrasana.

About Warrior 1 Yoga Pose 

The Virabhadrasana 1 stems from Sanskrit and translates into “warrior 1 yoga pose” in English. Interestingly, this pose was named after an ancient warrior who was an icon of strength and bravery.

As you see, the name says it all. Every title will have a meaning or a story hidden behind it. When we mention a warrior, we will imagine an image of a fearless man with a spirit of steel right away. So this yoga pose surely brings that spirit to practitioners.

About Warrior 1 Yoga Pose

Virabhadrasana is a standing pose that will help to work out many parts of your body. Although this is just a fundamental pose, its moves will require effort.

At first, it may be a bit challenging because you need to be focused, balanced, and flexible at the same time. But don’t worry because practice makes perfect.

While practicing, you will experience a full-body stretch, mainly in your core, legs, and back. Also, you can feel a progressive change in your mental health.  

Process To Practice

Before starting any practice, you all need to learn thoroughly about the warm-ups, processes, and the right skills. You are in the right place to explore the detailed warrior 1 yoga pose step.

Step 1

First up, let’s gently warm up your body by doing some stretching in two arms, two legs, back, and core.

Step 2

Stand erect like the Tadasana posture, then widen apart your legs a bit wider than the shoulders. 

Step 3

Rotate your whole upper body and the right foot toward the right side 90 degrees and slightly draw the left toes in about 45 degrees.

Step 4

Next, press your right knee forward so that the right thigh is almost flat parallel to the floor. But notice, do not let it pass the ankle. At the same time, press into the outer edge of the left foot just to the point it feels comfortable for you.

Step 5

Inhale, lift your arms slowly up and overhead. Then, you can either expand your chest or join your hands together. It depends on your comfortability.

Step 6

At this time, we have arrived at virabhadrasana 1 pose, congratulations! Keep pressing into your foundation and stay still for about 30 to 40 seconds.

Step 7

Then, exhale and slightly lower your arms down, go back to the Tadasana posture.

Step 8

After completing step 7, stand still to rest for about 15 seconds, then switch to the left side and continue repeating similarly from step 3.

Benefits Of Warrior 1 Yoga Pose

As we have mentioned earlier, you can obtain a wide range of warrior pose benefits:

  • Build up your whole body.
  • Help stretch shoulders, arms, core, legs, back, and ankles. Also, make those parts stronger.
  • Improves the flexibility of the spine and hip joints.
  • Enhance the balance of your body.
  • Make your chest lungs expand to boost the inhalation and exhalation process. 
  • Burn fat in the abdomen, legs, bottoms, and arms. 
  • Support your mental health. Leave your mind relaxing and calm.
Benefits Of Warrior 1 Yoga Pose


Before you get into the warrior poses yoga, let’s notice the following problems. If you tick one of these boxes, please avoid doing this posture.

  • Chronic injury to the back, knees, shoulders, ankles, hips, or neck.
  • High blood pressure
  • Heart-related issues.

Tips To Acquire A Wonderful Experience

We will offer you three small tips but also important for the best warrior pose yoga experience:

It would be best to pose in the afternoon, especially avoid the early morning.

Your body will appreciate it if you did some basic exercise like stretching muscles or walking beforehand.

While doing this posture, always remember to press your ankle completely on the mat. Make sure that you constantly feel the stretching in your whole legs.

Tips For Beginners

If you are a yoga newbie, start with a trouble-free spirit. Let’s begin with the way that suits best for your body condition. 

When lifting your hands in the air, you can not join them together. It is not a big deal because you can adjust them parallel with palms facing each other.

In case you are still not flexible enough, you may start with an easier stance.

In short

Hoping this article has informed you enough to seize all the warrior 1 yoga pose know-how. The next step is your turn. Put on workout clothes and get started right away. The opportunity to change your lifestyle is in your hands.

The beginning of this pose may be challenging. But after the enduring period, the best results will come. Always remember that patience is the key to reaching any goal. Practice enough, and your effort will finally pay off.

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Sophia Estrada is very fortunate to have had the opportunity to practice yoga since she was 8 years old and expresses a strong love for yoga. Sophia would like to bring all of her knowledge and passion to help people gain a vital sense of energy, fitness and peace through helpful yoga postures and useful information.


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