Dancer Pose Yoga (Natarajasana) – A Detailed Guideline To Do

By Sophia Estrada
Last updated: Dec 15, 2022
Dancer Pose Yoga

Practicing yoga regularly and properly will help you improve your health significantly. It helps us balance physically and mentally and develop a good mind. Dancer pose yoga is considered the most attractive among the poses. 

It helps you strengthen and expand your mind and body. At the same time, it gives a beautiful shape, helps relieve stress, and eliminates toxins. Please refer to the following article to learn more about this posture!

What Is Dancer Pose Yoga?

How to do dancer Post Yoga

Dancer pose, also known as Natarajasana. One translates in the dancer pose yoga Sanskrit meaning Nata means dancer, Raja means king, or lord Asana means posture. This yoga posture is considered an advanced exercise and requires repeated practice to achieve perfection.

  • Sanskrit: Natarajasana (not-ah-raj-AHS-anna)
  • Other names: Lord of the Dance Pose, King Dancer Pose
  • Pose type: Standing Balance, Backbend
  • Targets: Lower Body

The main focus is on twisting the mid-back to take the foot and the force of the legs and arms beyond the natural range. This difficult static balance pose helps develop strength and endurance simultaneously with strong flexibility and agility.

This posture requires strong balance, a flexible spine to accommodate backward bends, and a wide range of shoulder motion. The large muscles in the hips, thighs and lower legs tighten to help you balance on one leg.

The front at the hips and thighs of the leg lift as you kick back to counterbalance. The back muscles tighten to begin arching the back while the chest and abdominal muscles stretch. Your neck is stretched, and your shoulders are relaxed.

Dancer pose increases strength and flexibility throughout the body. In addition, it also works to circulate blood from one side of the body to the other.

How To Do Dancer Position Yoga For Balance?

Step 1: 

Stand in mountain pose (Tadasana), inhale slowly, and lift the left heel toward the left buttock when you bend your knee. 

Press the top of your right femur back, deep into the hip joint, and keep the leg straight by pulling your knee cap up.

Step 2: 

Your torso needs to be kept upright. The first is to bring your left hand back and hold the left foot or ankle’s side. Tuck belly to avoid pressure on your lower back. At the same time, press your tailbone toward the floor.

Step 3: 

Start lifting your left leg, off the floor and back, away from your torso. Stretch your left thigh behind and parallel to the floor. Horizontally extend your right arm forward.

Step 4: 

Reach your right hand behind your back and grasp the inside of your left foot. This variation will challenge your balance even more. You then perform the thigh lift as described in step 3. This variation will increase your chest capacity and stretch your shoulders.

Step 5: 

Hold in the position and breathe from 5 to 10 times. Then you release the grip on the leg, bring the left foot back to the position on the floor, and repeat the same movement with the other side.

What Are The Benefits Of Dancer Pose In Yoga?

First, it helps balance digestion to relieve indigestion, gastritis, acidity, and flatulence in the body, ensuring that you stay healthy and productive throughout the day.

Dancer yoga pose also promotes spine flexibility and reduce back pain to a large extent by simultaneously bending the body to both sides. 

When done correctly, it corrects the alignment of the shoulders and gives them the ideal shape. As mentioned before, this posture is a full-body pose beneficial for people with neck sprains.

Moreover, ankles and palms will become stronger due to constant movement and stretching. It also provides physical benefits and helps reduce discomfort during menstruation when taken regularly.

Another great advantage is releasing stress and anxiety build-up. This way, it reduces the risk of stroke by stimulating and transporting blood flow throughout the veins and body.

Who Should Be Cautious When Doing Dancer Pose Yoga? 

This dancer pose is a move that requires a strong backbend, so you should warm up and prepare properly. It also requires a lot of concentration, so beginners can practice leaning against the wall to avoid falling.

To avoid undesired injuries, some kind of people need to be cautious when doing this posture:

  • People are suffering from back problems.
  • People who have undergone surgery on the knee or ankle or any part of the body perform this pose.
  • Patients with severe arthritis. Because it involves the joints of the hands, feet, and neck, it is best to avoid the dancer position yoga if you are suffering from pain and inflammation in the joints.


Dancer pose yoga is a static balance pose and is quite challenging to perform. It helps to develop both endurance, strength, flexibility, and agility at the same time.

However, it requires strong balance, a flexible spine to withstand backward flexion and a wide range of shoulder motion. Hopefully, this article will help you conquer this posture correctly, bringing high efficiency to your health.

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Sophia Estrada is very fortunate to have had the opportunity to practice yoga since she was 8 years old and expresses a strong love for yoga. Sophia would like to bring all of her knowledge and passion to help people gain a vital sense of energy, fitness and peace through helpful yoga postures and useful information.


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