10 Couples Yoga Poses – Grab Great Health And Fitness Together

By Sophia Estrada
Last updated: Dec 15, 2022
Couples Yoga Poses

Yoga is a delicate practice that brings you fitness and flexibility. It is also beneficial for your mental health by reducing stress and helping participants relax. Research has proven that practicing yoga can give you peace of mind and solace in your spirit.

The benefits mentioned can be greatly enhanced if you do yoga with your partner. Couples yoga poses will give you more motivation and joy when working out together. Your relationship can also be strengthened and reach a deeper level of connection. 

Doing couple yoga is harder and more complicated than practicing alone. It requires many techniques and a lot of time in training to perform the poses right. So this article will instruct you on how to do yoga poses for couples.

This instruction is suitable for both beginners and intermediates. Don’t hesitate to find out the great yoga poses we offer and start practicing them with your partner. We promise that this is one of the most valuable ways to spend your time together.

10 Couples Yoga Poses

#1. Back-to-back Seated Meditation

Back-to-back Seated Meditation

This pose focuses more on enhancing the connection between you and your partner. In a quiet environment with virtually no movements, you can feel each other’s breath and heartbeats. It brings you peace of mind and relaxation.

How to do it: Sit in a meditating posture with your legs crossed and hands put on your knees. Stick your backs together with your heads facing the opposite directions. 

Take a deep breath and release the pressure in all muscles. Now you both inhale and exhale at the same pace. Try to meditate for about 10 minutes. 

#2. Spine Stretch

This is one of the easiest poses that doesn’t require any movements and hard skills. The posture focuses more on your mentality and breathing to help you relax and reduce stress. You can also practice it to form a deeper connection with your partner. 

How to do it: To perform this posture, you first have to sit with your legs crossed, similar to meditating. Now lean your backs against each other and keep your spines straight. Your shoulder, hip, and head should also lean over each other. 

The most important step is to focus on your breathing. Try to exhale as slowly as you can and inhale deeply. Maintain this posture for 4-5 minutes. When breathing, you should also feel your partner’s breath and form a mild connection with your partner. 

Pay attention to how it feels on your back when attaching to your partner’s back.

#3. Side Bend

Side Bend

This is another great pose for beginners to start doing yoga. It aims to increase the endurance and flexibility of your spine. Spine stretch involves a lot of hands, shoulder, and spine movements.

How to do it: Sit down and create a similar posture to meditating with your legs crossed. Your backs, heads, and shoulders should stack completely with each other. Now raise your hand straight and align with your shoulders. 

One person grasps the wrist of the other one on both sides and stretches the hand upon the sky. Now your spines are stretched in a healthy posture, and you should hold it for about ten seconds. Don’t forget your breathing, which is an important component of this technique. 

Then take turns to switch sides and gently hold your partner’s wrist. The final step slowly returns your hands to the initial sideways position. Keep your head straight, and your knees stick to the ground.

#4. Seated Twist

Seated Twist

Another good example of couples yoga positions for new people is the seated twist. This technique requires more flexibility and spine endurance. It is recommended to stretch your spine and joints first before doing it. 

Doing the seated twist can help speed up the disposal of toxic substances in your body and boost your digestion. 

How to do it: Like the spine stretch and the side bend, you first have to create a back-to-back position with your partner. Put your legs crossed and place your right hand on the thigh of the other and your left hand on your knee. Now twist to the side of your right hand with your spine. 

Remember to keep your hips and legs unmoved with your head straight forward while twisting. Doing this helps achieve the best bending position. Keep the twisting posture for 10 seconds and get back to the initial position.

You should pay attention to your breathing routine: inhale when you are bending and exhale at the resting position. Don’t panic if you hear the joints popping up or a little crack sound when twisting. It is just the muscles’ normal reaction, and the sounds will gradually disappear.

#5. Partner Forward Fold

Partner Forward Fold

Partner forward fold is a good exercise for your leg that focuses on stretching your thighs. It brings relaxation and helps you reduce stress. Practicing this technique in the long term can make your legs more enduring and increase your stamina. 

How to do it: sit in a face-to-face position with your eyes looking at the other. Now stretch your legs straight and open them as wide as possible in a V-shape posture. It is optimal if you keep a fair distance so that your feet could touch your partner’s.

Now you have to reach out and hold your partner’s arms. Gently bend forward for as far as you can comfortably go. Keep your hips unmoved and your hands straight while holding the other one’s arms. 

The other should lean backward to free up space when one person folds forward. Both people’s arms should remain straight. Remember to inhale when leaning back and exhale when bending forward. It will help ease your stress and fatigue.

#6. Partner Savasana

Partner Savasana

This is perhaps the easiest technique among yoga poses with a partner. Partner Savasana is not a pose for people who want to burn fat and increase their fitness. Practicing this position will give you deep relaxation with virtually no movements. 

The technique will enhance the spiritual connection between you and your partner. It would be best to prepare a pair of matt for your convenience. 

How to do it: Lie on the floor side by side with your partner so that your belly buttons are aligned. Use your inside arm to hold the hand of the other one in a comfortable position. Now close your eyes and try to enter a resting stage with no thinking or movements.

The only thing to do is focus on your breath at this stage. Try to inhale and exhale deeply to feel the peace and relaxation taking over your body. Rest for about five minutes.

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#7. Double Plank Pose (Adho Mukha Dandasana)

Double Plank Pose

The Double Plank is suitable for intermediates as it requires many skills and balance. Doing this posture will burn energy very fast and help you reduce belly fat. It can also assist in growing your abs and shoulders. 

People doing yoga to make their bodies more attractive should practice it daily. Be cautious that doing the wrong posture can lead to serious injuries. It takes many attempts to master this technique, so please be careful and patient. 

How to do it: The male or stronger partner should do the plank posture and hold the other one on their back. Keep your legs and shoulders unmoved and solid. 

The other person will put the feet on the stronger partner’s shoulder and the hands straight on the ankles. You must stretch both your arms and feet straight. Both people slowly perform the plank and hold for about 20 seconds. 

If you want to release this position, put your feet down first, with one foot at a time. Then bend your arm and get off your partner’s ankles. The person below should hold the position firmly when the other one gets down.

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#8. Twisted Chair

Twisted Chair

The revolved chair is suitable for those who want to strengthen their chest and feet. This pose requires strong movements using these muscles. You can do this solo, but it will produce the best result when practicing with a partner because this makes the stretch more efficient.

How to do it: stand in a face-to-face position with your partner and keep your feet wide open. Clasp onto the other one’s hand and keep a tight grip. Both of you bend your knees slowly. At one moment, you will like sitting on a chair. Remember to hold your partner’s hand tightly to stay balanced.

Now use your right hand to hold your partner’s right hand and twist to the left. After about 15 seconds, rotate to the center, and both of you switch to your left hand and twist to the right. Repeat this ten times and then stand up straight to end the exercise.

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#9. Twin Tree

Twin Tree

The Twin Tree pose is the couple version of the Twin pose, which is quite difficult to do alone. The Twin tree helps both of you have greater balance as you support each other in your standing.

How to do it: Stand next to your partner. Both of you raise your inner arms upward and bring your palms together. Keep your inner leg straight as the base and slowly raise your outer leg until your foot touches your thigh. 

Keep the posture for 5 to 8 breaths and then rotate 180 degrees to repeat the exercise.

#10. Double Downward Dog

Double Downward Dog

This is one of the advanced couple yoga poses as it calls for a lot of practice from both people to get into the correct position smoothly and maintain it for a long enough time. This exercise allows you to develop a longer spine, which means you get taller if you do this regularly. 

Also, when you get used to it, you will find it pleasant and relaxing. If you are on the bottom, this exercise helps you stretch your back and hamstring really well. For the top practitioner, you can have a healthier upper body.

How to do it: Both of you begin with a tabletop position, keep your shoulders over your wrists. Back up five or six inches with your knees and feet. Tuck your toes under so you are on the balls of your feet.

Lift the sit bones upward and into a traditional downward dog pose when you breathe out. Slowly bring your feet and hands back until you are both in a stable and comfortable position. 

Now walk your feet to the outside of the other one’s lower back to find the back of their hips. When you make your way through the transitions, communicate with your partner to ensure that everyone is comfortable. Stop moving when at least one of you feels any pain.

When you get into the correct position, keep your pose for about 25 seconds. Then slowly bend your knees and lower your hips down to exit this position. Change roles with your partner and repeat the exercise.


Doing couple yoga poses not only gives you and your partner great fitness as well as benefits your mental health. This practice will help nurture your relationship and enhance the connection between you two as well. Don’t hesitate to try these ten postures and have a great time together.

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Sophia Estrada is very fortunate to have had the opportunity to practice yoga since she was 8 years old and expresses a strong love for yoga. Sophia would like to bring all of her knowledge and passion to help people gain a vital sense of energy, fitness and peace through helpful yoga postures and useful information.


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