36 Difficult Hard Yoga Poses – More Challenging And More Spicing!

By Sophia Estrada
Last updated: Dec 15, 2022
36 Difficult Hard Yoga Poses

36 difficult hard yoga poses may sound like a big deal when it first comes to your mind, but let’s hold on to this a little longer.

The gist you might not yet catch on is: Yoga isn’t just about calming your mental and physical health. It is also the beauty of what heartens our living spirit. 

So touching on uphill barriers dear to make a scene in your yogi-becoming, we would say the more, the merrier as long as you carry them out cautiously and remember to take help from experts throughout! 

Now, wait for no more but dig in and discover how to conquer this game the neatest way!

Top 36 Difficult Hard Yoga Poses

#1. Bhairavasana – Pose of the Universe Destroyer


Strength and flexibility on hips, along with the ability to get balance, are the must-have to acquire this side-plank posture. 

That’s all about the bodily condition. What else do we miss out on the page of brainpower? A high-intense concentration is indeed on wait!

Sure, there may appear to be a lot of effort needed in the process. Don’t rush to take a step back anyway!

Once you master this exploit, just as powerful as its name, the welfare Bhairavasana brings to you is not at all in vain but a great arm and abdominal muscles boost. The elasticity of hamstrings and hips is also the last thing you have to worry about in the stand of such a pose. 

#2. Corpse Pose (Savasana) – Cadaver Posing

Corpse Pose Yoga

What is it difficult to lie straight out as a dead body? The truth is somehow always harsher than the conception you’re bearing.

There’s obviously nothing tricky in the manner of lying. However, with Savasana, the genuine punch line has its seat nowhere else further, but right at the thoughts you possess while doing the pose.

That way, the aim is to push yourself to the level where no thinking may affect your mind. Surefire, the operation can get real hard since the instructor or even oneself can’t check if they have nailed that initial goal or not.

Yet, no matter how vague this posture prevails, our suggestion is for you to make a bid at it, and the upshot of a completely relaxing and refreshed bones-bag may end up dazing you someday!

#3. Gandha Bherundasana – Fearsome Face Position

Gandha Bherundasana

Have not yet found the one reckless enough to conduct? If that’s the case, this pretzel pose will definitely sweep off your feet!

Here’s a picture of Gandha Bherundasana: Its zone is only advised for higher-level practitioners to get hands-on.

With such a height of flexibility and hardness, blood flows, as well as body parts, including your thighs and shoulders, will be where its impact most focuses. 

#4. Taraksvasana – Scorpion Posing With Handstand


As one of the hardest yoga poses, this posture only works out when your tenacity and pliancy are sufficient to endure upside-down posing.

For those who have just dug your toes in, our recommendation is for you to use the wall as practical aid during the session. As things get easier afterward, you’ll gradually behold its positive effect on your abdominals, back muscles, and shoulders also.

#5. Halasana – Pose Of The Plow

Plow pose

Being still on the top of the most difficult yoga poses but going with a bit more relaxation in progress is the Halasana to come into your sight.

All you need to do is run it for about 4 to 6 minutes. What’s more, don’t forget to ask your trainer whether the pose has stayed precisely or not. If the answer is the big old yes, your achievement in releasing your mind and muscles has definitely been on track!

#6. Vasisthasana – The Side-plank Posing


As frequent as other yoga poses hard to show up in regular gymnastic training, the Vasisthasana may seem common and equivalent effortless to several. 

The story somewhat ends up a bit more offbeat with yoga. That being said, it will be good news if you can stay on that assumption until the end of the merely 2 minutes plank.

On the ground of the session being triumphant, you’ll recognize your enhancement regarding glutes, obliques, and abdominals in days to come!

#7. Sirsasana Li Padmasana – The Three-legged Headstand Accompanying Lotus Legs Pose

Handstand Lotus pose

Entering is another breakthrough of headstand posture. We all grasp how gravity makes this pose a long shot. Worse yet, the combination of two body parts conducted in Sirsasana Li Padmasana even complicates the severity of the next altitude.

That’s why it is important for every practitioner to drill the lotus legs in advance. Other tips are to utilize the wall and hold your breath eight times, counting when first shooting for it.

Once your posture is on-target, Sirsasana Li Padmasana will be a great help with your muscle association, consisting of shoulders, arms, hips, abdominals, and neck.

#8. Yoganidrasana – Posing As If Sleeping

Sleeping Yogi pose

Although the facial expression of the performer can barely display the tense, it doesn’t mean this posturing is an easy walk!

The trouble places at the breath implementation mostly. Nevertheless, that’s not the cause worth withdrawing at all! Since everything is burdensome initially, Yoganidrasana is neither against the majority.

Provided that you’ve overcome this earliest barrier and been blossoming in later stages, breathing is no longer heed but rather a harmony that can even lull you into a daydream.

#9. Astavakrasana – Eight-angle Posing

Eight Angle pose

There is a chance this yoga posture will give you an illusion of impossibility when first laying your eyes at it. 

Nonetheless, with our offered key answer regarding practices and effort on balance and arm firmness, Astavakrasana is just something right within your league.

If you’re the one who yearns for arms, abdominal, or shoulder muscle strengthening, then your routine is doubtless where this exercise belongs!

#10. Eka Hasta Vrksasana – Tree Pose With One Hand

One-Handed Tree pose

Among the most complicated yoga poses, Eka Hasta Vrksasanav challenges even the person with tons of abundant balancing and strength-using experiments. Its intensity is what you can infer from merely an initial look. 

Which way you can master this posture is still a questionable puzzle. All we can tell is you must be certain to gain enough competence to handle your stability before delving deeper into it. Peace in mind is also another prerequisite to rack up the game!

#11. Padmasana – Lotus Resembling Posture

Lotus Pose Yoga

The first impression of this posing may trick you into thinking that crossing your legs is bountiful to win over the beneficial sources Padmasana provides. If so, every yoga course on Earth may be just a waste of money.

Harder than the hearsays you might have heard about, Padmasana calls for an ultimate tranquil thought when addressing. It’s the common case that your mind keeps chattering while practicing.

Once having it done right, such a movement can assist you in triggering the spine, abdomen, bladder, and pelvis activeness. Even better, its support in placating sciatica and menstrual pain is beyond comparison. 

#12. Sirsa Padasana — Head To Toes Pose

Sirsa Padasana

Reaping the Sirsa Padasana’s merit is not at all a piece of cake. To get it to reach your wanted objective, your built-in fortitude and spine flexibility have to harmoniously work together.

The gain of Sirsa Padasana can even be off the table with dozens of values. As for it, we harvest powerful spinal stretching, considerable to-brain blood flow upswing, and it is not yet to mention the fantastic focus boost.

#13. Pungu Mayurasana – Injured Peacock Pose

Peacock Pose

Hitting Pungu Mayurasana, you should prepare to have some minutes loosening your tenseness with the fulcrum of only the wrist holding the nucleus. 

As a result, your wrist, along with upper parts such as arms, shoulders, or even digestion, will be the chief spots this enrichment pitch into.

What about its mental outcome? Practicing this one-arm training can be your opportunity to earn major-league balance focusing!

#14. Tittibhasana – Firefly Posing

Firefly pose yoga

Seems like a lot of demands for your arms, but the kernel power is indeed what Tittibhasana calls upon.

By widening your groin and back being trunk, this coaching rejuvenates your wrist and arms as it also lifts your belly’s strength at the same time.

#15. Kapotasana – Posture Of King Pigeon


Rain or shine, Kapotasana must be the most common standard pose you usually encounter whenever something about yoga comes up. This is because its effective authenticity is proven to be widespread trustworthy!

Engaging in this posture also means giving your body a wonderful stretching time. Various parts, containing abdomen, ankles, thighs, chest, deep hip flexors, throat, or in other words, your whole front build will be filled with energetic sources.

#16. Natarajasana – Dance Queen Pose

Dancer Pose Yoga

For those who spend your day chiefly sitting in the office, this is beyond any doubt a perfect fitting pose to give a go.

The performance of Natarajasana can even far surpass what you may imagine. With the stretching of the elevated leg and the standing leg in sync, there is plenty of your physique that can profit from it.

By and large, your glutes, hip front, back thigh, hamstring, ankle, shin, hip flexor, quadriceps are what we can name particularly. 

#17. Mayurasana – Peacock Pose


Flipping through the awe-inspiring Hindu tales, it is not at all perplexing to notice the picture of a peacock as a symbol representing valuable merits like cherished sensations and long-lasting life.

That’s also the bearing this posture aims at. In such a sense, your forearms, back torso, wrists, and legs will be what join the merriment.

#18. Eka Pada Koundinyasana I – The Sage Koundinya-dedicating I Posture

Eka Pada Koundinyasana I

It can be already overwhelming to first catch a glimpse of such ample associations in just a pose. Not only may you have to handle your front arms, but the two legs traveling in two separated directions is also a struggle one can hardly control well.

Nevertheless, saying so doesn’t mean Eka Pada Koundinyasana I is not one of the difficult yoga poses for beginners. All on your pre-starting plan must be merely the assistance of a chair, and your attempt is now stand ready to have a go with that adequate leg-involving support.

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#19. Eka Pada Koundinyasana II – The Sage Koundinya-dedicating II Posture

Eka Pada Koundinyasana II

This is the position that tones your abdomen and spine. The downright build-up in your wrists and arm is also no more a daunting task to achieve.

It is not yet a halt. For those who want to increase their self-esteem, the ticket is not any further away, as you may wonder.

Surely, things will get rocky initially, but once you find out the breakthrough milestone (can be unexpectedly a chair aid), the goal is not anymore far-reaching!

#20. Bhujapidasana – Pose with Your Shoulders Pressed


Despite appearing like those in the most complicated yoga poses listing, Bhujapidasana is, in fact, the one with extremely straightforward approaches for beginners being on track of arm balance expeditions.

Speaking of which, a yoga bolster or block will be a welfare right hand to get you bit-by-bit toward victory.

#21. Anantasana – Recline Left Leg To The Side Pose


The illustrating man operates it with nearly no swear. Here comes the question: Are things the same with your headway?

We won’t give any certain word. Yet, if you are a fellow who can nail every unstable pose with one leg stretching in the air like this, then Anantasana is just right at your fingertips for abounding legs, torso sides, and belly gains!

#22. Dwi Pada Viparita Dandasana – Two-Foot Staff Pose with Upward-Facing

Dwi Pada Viparita Dandasana

Pliancy is the key factor you can no way miss out on when getting a load of Dwi Pada Viparita Dandasana.

For novices with barely any experiments, a tacky characterizing mat might be a must-have to the first accessible step-in. It can also cheer up your enthusiasm with excitement to keep progress going well!

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#23. Sayanasana – Variation Of Scorpion Pose


In executing Sayanasana, the angle of the position may be what confuses you the most. However, its name says a completely opposite message with the meaning of reposing and resting!

Pops up as an off-key gun, but there will be more solidness making a scene during the course, so you can rest assured to get together with it hand over fist!

#24. Taraksvasana – Handstand Scorpion Pose

Handstand Scorpion pose

Deriving from a mystery of an evil called Taraka being killed by the war god Kartikeya, this posture’s name hauls an immersed essence of what is entitled as internal power.

Both of its two variations stand ready for you to take a grab with quite a lot of endeavors. Coming to the first one, your feet must be on your head’s top entirely. The other one is less resting, with one leg being in the air straightening.

#25. Bhekasana – Frog Posing

Frog Posing

Your hips, root chakra, and quadriceps are the preeminent principles that Bhekasana mainly devotes itself to. 

To begin with, the sphinx position is the fundamental thing you have to acquire before dipping your toes deeper. Then afterward, progress will be on the road of not much left to bother. Relieve your mind, lower your body, let the bend be as natural as possible, and you are good to go!

#26. Viparita Parivrtta Surya Yantrasana – Extreme Warrior Pose

Viparita Parivrtta Surya Yantrasana

A bid on thighs, shoulders, hamstrings and your body side will be pretty much a necessity of this pose.

On this dot, Extreme Warrior Pose also calls for your one-foot balance in the upside-down placing. Hooking the other above your tushie is another one that levels up the game’s difficulty.

#27. Karnapidasana – Knee-to-Ear Pose

Ear To Knee pose

Eye-catching but a little weirdo at the same time might be the earliest thought that springs up in your regard as first paying attention to Karnapidasana. 

We would say this could be the priority of those who fancy the ultimate calming while doing your pose. That way, along-the-spine stretching is how it enters your rooted inner side.

#28. Garbha Pindasana – Embryo Pose

Garbha Pindasana

A sense of the brightest moods is on its road to set foot in your sight! It may amaze you somewhat, but in order to master this position, Lotus Pose has a lot to do with your foundation. 

Then in the course of operation, Garbha Pindasana stands in need of attaching your front arms to the teensy-weensy space created by your knee bending. 

That’s all in the order of boosting your neck, arms, and shoulder muscle power. Your knee and hip elasticity is also some extra plus scheme you may get while attempting such a yogi-carrying out!

#29. Yoga Dandasana – Yogi Mastering Pose

Yoga Dandasana

To have this pose done appropriately, it is vital to expand your hip area as much as feasible.

What if I have a problem with opening the lower parts of my body? You may wonder. There’s nothing to be that much stressful since Yoga Dandasana also has a few more variations for a less irritating approach to get you ready for this!

In that manner, the more controllable you handle it, the more nourishment for your hip and back tenacity will come up in the way. 

#30. Kala Bhairavasana Modification – The Exorcist Posing

Kala Bhairavasana

Flexible hips, shoulders, and hamstrings would be on-target aids for those who want to have a stab at this Exorcist Posing. Its gist is to keep your raised leg straight out with not much force supported by the hands.

Once you have conquered it well, this posture strengthens your upper body while also relaxing your shoulders and deepening your hips in the meantime.

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#31. Urdhva Prasarita Eka Padasana – Pose with Splits Against a Wall

Urdhva Prasarita Eka Padasana

Many hold the thought that this position’s petition in hamstring and glutes resilience may seem like a harsh shot to call for. Well, it’s simply what’s needed to energize your knees, ankles, and thighs while the release-working of your mind is in the conduct.

Getting to the details, it is the first thing you should bear in mind to balance your full body weight on one leg. Especially with upside-down placing, accomplishing the Urdhva can even trick you into thinking of an unfeasible harsh deal.

#32. Semi – Praying Mantis Pose (Kneeling)

Praying Mantis Pose

Yogis attempting this posture must be a real richer at litheness, as well as countless openness in their inner thighs and hip flexors. What’s more, the bountiful expanse in their back quad is also on the urge.

Only halfway there toward the finish line, a tremendous cleansing of the digestive tract is already in your field of vision!

#33. Devaduuta Panna Asana – Angel-falling Pose

Devaduuta Panna Asana

Arriving is another fresh rocky version of Side Crow, which is surprisingly difficult standing merely on its own.

Let’s grab a bite of it: Angel-falling Pose incorporates core and leg strength by requiring you to elevate one leg to the sky.

This stance promotes self-discipline, physical awareness, and mental tranquility. It also induces a deep twist, which massages your internal organs while also strengthening your arms and shoulders.

#34. Parsva Bakasana – Pose of the Bound Side Crow

Parsva Bakasana

Parsva Bakasana, which is the same as the previous, also performs a resembling version of Side Crow. 

During the session, this posture will stretch your glutes and hamstrings while asking for adequately firm and steady attention. The navel chakra claimed to be activated in this position as well plays a great role in increasing your confidence, power, and control.

Once having accomplished the neatest manner, extension in your wrists, power-bolster in your shoulders, arms, core, and enhancement of your overall sense when balancing ar all that may end up offered to your body!

#35. Eka Pada Urdhva Dhanurasana – Pose with One Leg and Forearms Wheel Car

Eka Pada Urdhva Dhanurasana

If you are one of those who is a die-hard fan of hard yoga moves, you must be familiar with the Wheel Posture. So here comes an advanced version of it packed with already a formidable backbend technique. 

Let’s tip-off something useful: The first heed is to lower down onto your forearms to loosen up your shoulders and triceps. Extreme core and leg strength are in the requirement to lift your legs up to the sky as well.

With such a lot of attempts, what can you get after all? The boost on your vitality, alleviating asthma and moderate depression symptoms, are the potential upshot being on its way there!

#36. Dhanurasana – The Bow Pose

Big Toe Bow pose

A hint for those who are in this position: try not to burst out laughing! Making someone chuckle when they’re implementing Dhanurasana might be a good prank, but be careful with revenge later on. 

Such a thing must trigger your ability to guess what Dhanurasana is by now. So no more fooling around; it is a calming position that also provides a healthy stretch to your body. 

With a paramount increase in back mobility and improvement in abdominal muscles, Dhanurasana is what you should name a terrific stress reliever.


That’s all for the package of 36 difficult hard yoga poses to meet the best version of yourself on the yogi vanquishment by then. 

Arriving now is your reminder of the day: Run the fun, not let it run you! 

It’s normal to fail and be beaten at some point. Your attempt is indeed what speaks volumes. Just give it a go, and you’ll see the payoff someday!

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Sophia Estrada is very fortunate to have had the opportunity to practice yoga since she was 8 years old and expresses a strong love for yoga. Sophia would like to bring all of her knowledge and passion to help people gain a vital sense of energy, fitness and peace through helpful yoga postures and useful information.


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