Yoga Video On Netflix 2022 – Practitioners Shouldn’t Miss!

By Sophia Estrada
Last updated: Dec 15, 2022
Yoga Video On Netflix

Are you looking for motivation to practice yoga? Or do you want to learn about yoga-related stories around the world? Then check out the yoga video on Netflix.

Nowadays, many platforms that provide streaming services have exploited the topic of yoga. Netflix is a prominent example. The format and content of this topic are different. It can be series, documentaries, or interesting shows discussing tutorials, benefits, etc.

Let’s read through this post if you seek a list of yoga on Netflix streaming 2022. We will list those programs and some of their general information, which helps you make a good choice.

Yoga Video On Netflix 2022

This Yoga videos on Netflix 2022 list includes movies, TV shows, and documentaries from before until 2022.

For example, you may feel inspired and amazed through stories about yoga’s therapeutic abilities. Or find out the most controversial character in yoga’s field.

1. Headspace Guide To Meditation (2021)

Meditation is an integral part of yoga. Headspace Guide To Meditation is a new series on Netflix that teaches viewers how to practice meditation.

An 8-volume series are taught and guided by Andy Puddicombe, a former Buddhist monk. The stories often come from Puddicombe’s actual experiences when he was a monk and taught the foundations of meditation.

Each episode is about 20 to 23 minutes long, focusing on a topic or method to solve problems, aiming for peace of mind. For example, the problems can be stress, depression, anxiety, etc.

The first 10 minutes of each episode will usually be about theory. The remaining 10 minutes will be meditation progress that you can practice along with. Meditation may be difficult at first. However, you can find it gradually becoming a lot easier thanks to careful foundations and guidance from the Headspace Guide to Meditation.

In addition, a difference between this series compared to others is the animation. It is pretty attractive and consistently characterizes a calm vibe throughout the series.

Watch: Headspace Guide To Meditation on Netflix

2. The Goop Lab (2020)

The Goop Lab (a.k.a. The Goop Lab with Gwyneth Paltrow) is a documentary series discussing lifestyle, physical and mental health. Gwyneth Paltrow, an American actress, created this series.

In each thirty-minute episode, the Goop team is joined by diverse professionals in their professions to entertain and educate.

Despite being accused of propagating information that is weak science-based or pseudoscience, The Goop Lab brings a variety of substitute treatments that traditional societies have utilized for decades.

Gwyneth Paltrow and her team check, investigate, and evaluate those non-mainstream therapeutic practices. For example, veganism, energy healing, breathwork, cold exposure therapy, etc.

Watch: The Goop Lab (2020) on Netflix

3. Bikram: Yogi, Guru, Predator (2019)

This is the story of Bikram Choudhury, a guru and founder of hot yoga. At first, the film explores the ways Bikram Choudhury built the empire of “Bikram” hot yoga. At the peak of his career, he attracted many celebrities and massive advocates worldwide, especially in America.

Besides, he also made money from expensive teacher training courses and franchising the brand Bikram. 

However, it’s not what is seen. Bikram Choudhury was gradually criticized for his bullying behavior, overbearing personality, and luxury things surrounding him. For instance, Rolex watches, Rolls Royce cars, etc.

After, his career gradually came to a dead-end when accusations of sexual abuse, rape, and assault from students appeared. He was also sued by his own lawyer, Minakkshi Jafa-Bodden, for sexism. 

Later, she won the case. Bikram became one of the most controversial figures in yoga history because of his expertise and notoriety.

Watch: Bikram: Yogi, Guru, Predator on Netflix

4. 100 Days of Solitude / Cien Días de Soledad (2018)

This work talks about photographer Jose Diaz. He went to a lonely mountain located in northern Spain because of being worn out by modern life. He spent a hundred days in a cottage with a few horses and poultry, with no human interaction.

One of his favorite books,  Walden, inspired him to take this journey. He believes that his expedition is a quest to re-establish a link between man and nature. Audiences may sympathize with Diaz’s hardships to survive by himself on the mountain. 

One hundred days on the mountain gave him a real insight into the meaning of life, love, family, and self-awareness. Besides, the harmony between people and nature in the film helps viewers find a state of mindfulness and appreciate the present moment more.

5. I am Maris: Portrait Of A Young Yogi (2018)

If you are skeptical about the healing power of yoga, then I’m Maris is a movie title that can make you completely believe in its magic. This yoga documentary Netflix tells the story of a young woman named Maris Degener. At a very young age, she’s struggling with chronic anxiety, stress, and an eating disorder.

In the year she started middle school, her psychological changes along with her previous unwellness led her to self-harm. The film offers an uplifting experience by highlighting healing activities rather than her psychological trauma. 

The protagonist, Maris Degener, applied yoga into her life and found a way to overcome those unfortunates. Through practice, the healthy physical and mental status and spiritual fulfillment gradually immerse inside, opening a better life for her.

This positive movie about yoga and self-acceptance can inspire and motivate you to overcome difficulties and adversity.

In addition, she’s currently operating a website dedicated to writing about psychological and mental health and sharing about yoga.

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6. On Yoga: The Architecture Of Peace (2017)

Although ON YOGA: The Architecture of Peace was debuted in 2017, its attraction still remains. This film from director Heitor Dhalia is his debut documentary. The film is named after the same name book by photographer Michael O’Neill. 

This yoga documentary Netflix portrays the practice styles of famous Yoga gurus in Tibet, India, and New York. The Architecture of Peace follows the author’s journey for ten years.

It is said that the depths of yoga and the people who carry the yoga flame are brilliantly depicted in this film. It is artistic since you may feel as if you were present when the shot was taken. 

Besides the stunning visuals, you will have the privilege of learning about the many levels of yoga, from surface to in-depth, and its encompassing philosophy.

7. Walk With Me (2017)

This is about the enlightenment journey of Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hanh. The work highlights the tranquil atmosphere and the spirit of Buddhism. It was filmed over three years in Plum Village (France) by Marc J. Francis and Max Pugh directors.

The film’s first half depicts life in Plum Village. In the second half, the work has more details when Thich Nhat Hanh comes to New York to give a lecture. It also includes little stories of Sangha’s members, such as a story of letting go.

With a slow pace, small dialogues are inserted to show the closeness. Mindfulness is also shown through scenes of forests, mountains, clouds, small creatures, or flowers. All those things are poetic features in daily life that lots of people pay little attention to due to being too busy.

Besides, the film has some of Thich Nhat Hanh’s philosophies read through the voice of the narrator Benedict Cumberbatch.

Like its name Walk with Me, the film is like a walking meditation, without asking and dealing with big questions or aiming for a specific goal. 

It makes audiences feel as they and master Thich Nhat Hanh walk slowly together. Then, enjoy the small beauty around to find happiness at the present moment. 

The work doesn’t preach with words but suggests a peaceful sound that contrasts with the hustle of modern society. Thereby, the audiences should self-advocate and find answers for themselves on the enlightenment journey.

8. Heal (2017)

Different from the rest, Heal features the participation of leading experts in meditation, mind-body healing, yoga. 

They are present to share insights into healing and the close association between physical and mental status. So, it is very interesting for those who want to learn about the spiritual aspect.

In addition, the film describes and recounts the healing journeys of three people with chronic pains. Through practice, they constantly discover and realize the spiritual values, strengths, and beliefs, which in reverse help their healing process better. 

This movie is a great and reasonable combination of science, psychology, spirituality, and faith. It helps us realize that our conception and perception will contribute to changing our lives.

9. Ram Dass, Going Home (2017)

This is a film about the life of Baba Ram Dass, a man well-known in the 1960s and 1970s for being a pioneer in the field of psychedelic research. However, an undesirable event occurred that completely changed his life, a stroke. 

After that incident happened in 1977, Baba Ram Dass’s health declined markedly. The event led him to decide to relocate to the Hawaiian island of Maui. It’s the place he focused on strengthening his spiritual life and mental health through practicing mindful exercises.

The central idea of those practices is love, integrating, and being a part of all surrounding things.

The film captures the moment of the last days of his life. It summarizes the lessons, experiences, and awareness he has gone through and his spiritual journey in life.

Watch: Ram Dass, Going Home (2017) on Netflix

Other Substitutes For Netflix

Besides Netflix, other streaming service platforms also have content videos about yoga. If you are not a Netflix user, check out the below-listed substitute platforms with related videos.

Amazon Prime



In short, thanks to the development of technology, today, we can access good yoga videos on Netflix. Every show, every movie, every series has its own unique and attractive point. Some talk about inspiring stories, while others talk about the benefits or tutorials. 

Besides, they may inevitably have small defects. However, you can rely on the information we wrote above to choose a few suitable titles.Finally, if you are looking for or want to make some changes, spend time watching yoga on Netflix, learning, and practicing. Yoga really brightens our lives in the most unexpected way!

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