12 Best Yoga Youtube Channels 2022 – Let’s Start Your Journey!

By Sophia Estrada
Last updated: Dec 15, 2022
Best Yoga Youtube Channels

Yoga has been many people’s best friend pursuing a healthy and active lifestyle. Unlike other workouts, this type doesn’t require much equipment and space. All you need is a mat and a patient manner.

Starting a habit is never easy, especially when it’s a kind of sport. You will need more than normal instructions to start your journey with this practice. Nowadays, technology development has enabled us to seek that special guide online with lively images and sound. 

There’s no more convenient and efficient tool than Youtube to find help. But which are the best yoga channels on Youtube among many options that can fit you best? Let’s look at our 12 options below and decide for yourself!

Best 12 Yoga Youtube Channels 2022

1/ Yoga With Adriene

With over 10,9 million subscribers, Yoga With Adriene deserves the title of the best yoga channel since 2012. It features 642 high-quality videos that have gained the channel more than 1 billion views up to now. 

Adriene Mishler, the creator, has her own way of introducing many tutorials. You will find most reviews on the Internet calling the woman down-to-earth and quirky. That’s all thanks to her style of accompanying viewers on every piece of content.

Through her firm voice and unpretentious style, you may find yourself doing exercise with a friend. That’s one of the many secrets of how she gets so many loyal subscribers.

Her philosophy remains the same in every content. She often repeats, “Find what feels good”. By that, she wants viewers to adjust the poses accordingly to their mood and levels.

Clicking on the channel, you will find instructions of all types. Her content varies from routines, ability levels, different fitness, and therapeutic goals to many challenges every other month. 

Also, if you can only afford a limited amount of time each day, her practices by length playlist will come in handy. It has videos of under 10 minutes to 60 minutes for busy people.

It’s the best place to start, no matter whether you’re a beginner trying to blend in with the community or you want to solve your health issues.

Visit: Yoga With Adriene Channel

2/ Yoga By Candace

Though starting in the same year with Adriene, Candace’s channel receives less attention at a rate of 307.000 subscribers and approximately 32 million views. 

However, that content is assured by her profession in the field. Not only is she a qualified personal trainer and yoga teacher, but she is the Mantra Box’s founder and a best-selling author as well.

She has separated her 538 videos into different categories to ensure you will find your place there. Apart from normal playlists, she also offers playlists by length, body part focus, breathing and meditation, and by the time of day.

You get to learn guidelines, poses, tips and tricks to ensure your success. Her technical instructions and straight-to-the-point style, alongside the soothing voice, will enable you to carry out the right pose. 

What’s better than relaxation when doing yoga? Candace tries her best to make you feel as comfortable as possible with workouts’ time ranging from 15 to 60 minutes. And to encourage you to exercise more frequently, she also makes yoga videos in the office, on the couch, and in bed. Now, there’s no excuse!

Visit: Candace Cabrera Channel

3/ Purple Valley Ashtanga Yoga

Although somewhat less famous than the first two names, the Purple Valley Ashtanga is better known for its reputable and professional instructors.

Ashtanga’s style emphasizes movement and breath. If you’re on to breathing, this is truly your heaven. It carries some of the vinyasa flow’s characteristics but is faster and more structured. 

That’s why many might find this intense and think it’s unsuitable for beginners. Nevertheless, that shouldn’t be the barrier that stops you from visiting this channel as they also offer entry exercises with extremely detailed explanations.

The videos they uploaded are filmed directly from their idyllic Retreat from Goa, which means they require those best coaches worldwide. Their Retreat is beside the coast and between sandy beaches for your information.

Imagine learning one-on-one with the world’s best coaches, such as Kino Macgregor, David Robson, and Deepika Mehta. What can be better than that?

One highlight that we find interesting about their content is that they even include vegan recipes for yoga and sessions for common injuries. You won’t always find that on many other channels!

Visit: Purple Valley Ashtanga Yoga Channel

4/ Spirit Voyage

This one is surely a standout on this list. Unlike the other channels that teach you exercises and routines, this one focuses mainly on spirits. Not just breathwork content, but this channel also counts in spiritual and calming music for meditation. 

Walking to the world of kirtan, chants, and sacred music must have been quite confusing to you. Beginners might even wonder if it’s truly yoga-related video or not. But it is.

Its content revolves around the kundalini type, a rare type that not many classes will introduce you to. You may find it hard to find a Youtube channel that teaches this kind. While the Ashtanga above demands physical energies, Spirit Voyage is more onto the spirit tracks.

It dives deep into connecting one’s body and mind, expanding your consciousness, activating your body’s dormant energies, and increasing awareness. That will be your earnings watching its breathwork, hand, and chanting gestures.

What more can you get from it? Spirit Voyage is filled with Sat Nam Fest’s videos with world-class coaches. You will find yourself wandering in their kundalini master’s varying classes. 

Taking a visit to this channel might be strange to you. Still, it is worth a try so that you can understand the power of the mind-body connection yoga can offer.

Visit: Spirit Voyage Channel

5/ Koya Webb

Being an international holistic health coach, Koya Webb aims to help you cover all of your health aspects. Her content is not only plain yoga. She tries to differentiate them into many topics that can complement her sessions. 

Using the knowledge as a motivational speaker, an author, a wellness coach, and a personal trainer, she gives us a holistic approach to yoga. You can find many delicious recipes and Ujjayi breathing techniques in detailed explanations for newbies.

If you find yourself not motivated enough, try her 7 days of challenges to get a clear set of goals. What about relieving pain? She also helps you to deal with that by doing many exercises. 

Coming into Koya Webb’s world, you’re reaching the door of holistic health that can benefit your lifestyle a lot.

Visit: Koya Webb Channel

6/ Faith Hunter

Years of studying multiple wellness approaches have been the greatest motive for Faith to host such a credible channel. Her message through the content is to lead a spiritually FLY life in a modern yet fresh way. 

Besides being the channel owner, she is also an international meditation and yoga coach. You might have seen her on the cover page of Sweat Equity, Origin Magazine, Om Yoga & Lifestyle, and Yoga Journal.

If you want to start your journey seriously, Faith can show you just how. Her content includes those light-hearted playlists that can warmingly welcome you to the world of yoga. Also, her lifestyle and health tips, among other wellness approaches, can lead you to a more holistic experience, similar to what Koya offers.

You will also get to learn meditation-related stuff, from mantras chanting to even chakras with explanations. She is surely serious about that spiritually flying life.

In case you’re one of the busy people of this new generation, her relaxing meditation videos can help you reduce your anxiety and stress after a long day at work. There’re also morning exercises to follow and courses to get you ready for summer. Then what if you’re just seeking beauty advice and tips? She also includes it in her videos!

The first two options on this list must be enough if you’re simply after physical workouts. But this one will be more than suitable that enables you to approach the sport from many different angles.

Visit: Faith Hunter Channel

7/ Yoga With Bird

A lot of people come to yoga to solve their issues. One of the most common issues is recovering from a health condition. Yet, many Youtube channels tend to teach you how to do it normally or how to solve your conditions. You don’t often see restorative content.

If you’re in this situation, come to Yoga With Bird, run by a certified coach specializing in the restorative type

Francine Cipollone (or Bird – her childhood nickname) covers the channel with a calming and gentle style. Everything in there would revolve around tension-releasing, from the movement to her soothing voice and perspicuous cues. 

You’re a newbie, and you’re wondering if you can catch up or understand the postures? Since Bird’s teaching style is so accessible, there’s no need to worry. She even split her videos into 20 mins or less to help you get started easier and manage to get along with hours-long sessions more efficiently.

You can also benefit from her calming breathing techniques. They can help you ease your feeling and relieve stress within one minute, no matter if you’re tense or angry.

She uploads content every week to keep it current and fresh. So, you won’t feel like watching a video over and over again because of the lack of video. Plus, she features a Spotify playlist that fits any routine for you to match your freestyle mood!

Visit: Yoga With Bird Channel

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8/ Yoga With Tim

This channel is special because of the story it tells, which is the journey of Tim Senesi towards being a coach. Back when he was just a little kid, he suffered from bad health conditions and a lack of self-confidence. Thanks to yoga, he has overcome all of that difficulties and got a much healthier lifestyle that has changed his entire life.

Having been through such conditions allows Tim to understand what’s best for beginners and how to overcome difficulties. Though mainly focusing on the physical side, his content includes stress and anxiety-reducing methods.

Clicking on his videos, you can easily catch sight of 30 mins sessions, many other challenges such as 30-day detox, 7-day meditation, and a whole section of beginner series!

Visit: Yoga With Tim Channel

9/ PsycheTruth

While other channels on this list are run by individuals, PsycheTruth is a sharing platform. It boasts a space where specialists can reach their potential clients and viewers can get a wider and more diverse range of information.

You can take advice from yoga teachers, health coaches, and doctors when visiting PsycheTruth, making its content vary from toning exercises, nutrition to massage. That alone explains its over 4 million subscribers and approximately 1 billion views.

The workout sector offers videos for detox, weight loss, strength, flexibility, and core. There are also ultimate guidelines for newcomers that serve your comfortability as much as possible.

With the variation they provide, you will surely be able to select some perfect coaches for yourself instead of having to stick with one all the time!

Visit: PsycheTruth Channel

10/ Tara Stiles: Yoga That Feels Like You

Being the founder of Strala Yoga, Tara Stiles brings the insight of that form into her channel. This form tries to combine the discipline of traditional Chinese Medicine, qigong, and tai chi to help us heal, relieve stress, and overcome challenges easily.

The content emphasizes mostly accessibility or, to put it simply, making this sport accessible to everyone. Tara tries to make viewers of all skillsets, aims, backgrounds, and ages find their places in her videos.

Visit: Tara Stiles : Yoga that Feels Like You Channel

11/ Yoga With Kassandra

If you have read “Restore Balance With Yin Yoga”, you should be familiar with the Canadian yogi and author of Kassandra. Her over 10 years of experience is truly a milestone and an evidence for the channel’s credibility.

Though she specializes in the Yin style, her content is not restricted to it only. You may find yourself lost in the huge library of 669 videos on the workout, Hatha, restorative, and power style. They all aim to help you achieve your fitness goals, be it developing cores, flexibility, or strength.

Even though the channel is made of videos for various body parts and challenges, they are organized so you can navigate to the one of your choices within minutes. They are all labeled to different names of length, level, focus, styles, and workouts.

Visit: Yoga with Kassandra Channel

12/ Aham Yoga

Before becoming a yoga instructor, Arunhati Baitmangalkar was a choreographer and a Bollywood dancer. 

Her passion for discipline has led her to the Washington studio of Aham Yoga, where she offers online classes daily. She always teaches students that they shouldn’t use yoga to strive for a nice body but discipline it into one’s lifestyle instead.

She has content for all-level yogis, whether you’re a stranger seeking an introduction, trying to understand or perfecting your pose, or you want to dive deeper. 

Hearing her podcast, you will surely know more about self-care in this practice, its accessibility, cultural appropriation, and authenticity.

Visit: Aham Yoga Channel

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The list of ​​the best yoga channels on Youtube can be even twice as long if necessary. Nevertheless, we think the above 12 options must have covered all of your needs for this spiritual discipline. 

There’s a little bit of everything you can find here, from physical to spiritual. Make sure you get your suitable and favorite one, then, get started right away!

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Sophia Estrada is very fortunate to have had the opportunity to practice yoga since she was 8 years old and expresses a strong love for yoga. Sophia would like to bring all of her knowledge and passion to help people gain a vital sense of energy, fitness and peace through helpful yoga postures and useful information.


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